The Sophos Intercept X solution deployed by dinCloud adopts a holistic approach to cyber security. At dinCloud, we are offering Intercept X by Sophos for our Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops as well as Hosted Virtual Servers.

In this section, we will highlight some major benefits you can enjoy by availing the best cyber security suite in the world. Sophos Intercept X has been ranked among the top security solutions by independent organizations due to these benefits.

Benefits of Sophos Central Intercept X Endpoint Advanced

It is believed by many cloud experts that endpoint devices are a highly vulnerable segment of any cloud infrastructure. So, it is imperative to safeguard this part of any cloud deployment by covering all angles.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is capable of launching a response to cyber threats remotely, which is particularly effective for cloud environments. You can be assured of a befitting and prompt response to cyber threats.

Anti Ransomware feature of Intercept X is capable of a fully automatic file recovery. What this means for you is that you won’t be paying a single penny to a cyber criminal for decrypting your data. This brings along unmatched peace of mind.

The Exploit Prevention feature of Intercept X blocks or prevents the very methods used by cyber thugs to distribute malware, steal employee or customer credentials and evade detection. This is a proactive, rather than reactive approach to security.

The Active Adversary Mitigation feature of Intercept X stops cyber miscreants right in their tracks by preventing credential theft of your employees, customers or channel partners. It also detects any malicious traffic over the cloud network.

Managed Threat Response or MTR uses an elite team of cyber security experts who will not only detect threats, but will also execute targeted actions on your behalf. This will go a long way in detecting, preventing and mitigating cyber threats.

This technology is powered by strong Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. Both these work in coordination to detect both discovered and still unknown malware ready to infect the end point devices of dinCloud users.

Sophos Central Intercept X Advanced for Server Benefits

From the eyes of cyber criminals, dinCloud Hosted Virtual Servers are indeed a gold mine. They contain sensitive and personal data of our valued cloud users globally. At dinCloud, we are also offering the server protection variant of Intercept X by Sophos. Sophos Intercept X for Servers will entail the following key benefits for your enterprise or business in case you are hosting data over dinCloud Hosted Virtual Servers:-
  • Sophos Deep Learning Technology, which is an even advanced form of Machine Learning (ML) will detect and prevent yet undiscovered threats, in addition to the known cyber threats. This is a proactive approach to server security.
  • The anti ransomware aspect of Intercept X for Servers by Sophos will prevent ransomware from encrypting your data over dinCloud servers.
  • Roll back capability of anti ransomware feature can also restore any already encrypted files. So, your days of paying ransom to cyber thugs are over now.
  • Exploit prevention technology of Intercept X focuses on the very methods and techniques used by cyber miscreants for launching attacks, providing unparalleled peace of mind when it comes to valuable data over dinCloud hosted virtual servers.
Intercept X is capable of neutralizing the very techniques hackers tend to use for launching their nefarious attacks, some of which include:-
Privilege Escalation

A hacker will exploit a weakness in any server and gain access to those server resources or rights that are generally never granted to most end users.

Lateral Movement
Once inside a server, the hacker will navigate through data over it to identify the most valuable assets to exfiltrate, encrypt or destroy altogether.
Credential Harvesting
A technique used by cyber criminals whereby they will get their hands on personal information of a large number of users; such as passwords and try to use it themselves.

Conclusion – Benefits Outweigh Costs

There are no two opinions about the importance of cyber security in any cloud powered environment or otherwise. If you want to implement Sophos Intercept X over our Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops or Virtual Servers, it will be a worthwhile investment.

Feel free to Contact Us for any questions you may have about the recently implemented cyber security solution, Sophos Intercept X by dinCloud.