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dinHVD v/s AWS Workspaces and Microsoft Cloud PC

Choosing the optimal Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop offering can indeed be a daunting challenge for any enterprise. With an elaborate “wish list” of what your hosted desktop provider should, and should not have, the situation can become quite complicated.

For an IT decision maker that is not well versed with how Cloud Hosted Desktop solutions are designed, and the things to look out for in a top notch solution, you may end up making a sub-par choice, especially over the mid to long term.

As a leading provider of Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop solutions, and years of industry experience under its belt, dinCloud has designed its cloud desktop offering with a view to not just match the best solutions out there, but outperform them on many counts.

Following the same spirit, we at dinCloud are pleased to offer a Cloud Hosted Desktop Solution by the name of dinHVD. Here is a brief “snapshot” of how our cloud desktop offering, dinHVD, is way better than both AWS Workspaces and Microsoft Cloud PC.

To make this comparison as objective and simple as possible, we have pitched our dinHVD solution against AWS Workspaces and MS Cloud PC on some of the most common features. dinHVD proves a superior cloud desktop solution to both, on many variables.

Unlimited Bandwidth, Zero Data Migration Fees, Free Snapshots / Backups for 10 days, access to a dedicated cloud orchestration portal called dinManage, 24/7/365 expert level Customer Support are just some of the goodies that come with our dinHVD offering.

On the flip side, the other two industry heavyweights, AWS Workspaces and MS Cloud PC, do not offer most of these features right out of the box. In the odd chance that they do offer them, you will be billed separately for those features, thus ballooning your costs.

The crown jewel of these differentiators of dinHVD is one of a kind, Flat Rate subscription based pricing model, which takes all the guesswork out of the equation. You will not only know the costs beforehand, rest assured there will be no surprises in your cloud bills.

Here is an in-depth, head to head comparison between dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktop solution, dinHVD, and AWS Workspaces as well as MS Cloud PC. By the time you reach the end, choosing dinHVD would have become a complete no-brainer, rest assured of that!

Contact one of our Cloud Solution Specialists, who will give you more useful insights about dinHVD, and answer any queries or concerns you may have.

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