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The present day needs of the workforce have rapidly evolved, especially over the past two years or so. The past months have indeed been daunting for IT teams, as they had to juggle between employee productivity and cyber security.

In most cases, cyber security was the casualty, as IT teams had to meet nearly impossible timelines to get the remote workforce up and running to the best extent possible. In this post, we will discuss some limitations of the legacy, on-premise Virtual Workspaces.

How to Leverage Virtual Workspaces to the Max?

Then, we will also be discussing the ways and means through which your enterprise will be able to extract the maximum performance, without “breaking the bank”. The capabilities of dinWorkspaces, the cloud solution by dinCloud will be also be briefly discussed.

Limitations of Legacy Remote Work Solutions

Most of the legacy remote work solutions were deployed on-premise, as enterprises wanted to leverage virtualization, but without relinquishing control over their data. The outcome was a complex, expensive and sub-par virtual workspace experience.

On top of all this, the end user experience in most such systems was accompanied by lag, resulting in a dissatisfied and less productive workforce. Most such virtual workspace solutions were otherwise designed for use solely over closed internal networks.

By adopting the on-premise course for deploying virtual workspaces, enterprises mostly remained a net loser. They not only ended up paying heavy up-front and maintenance costs, but also had to settle for a sub-par user experience.

This in turn impacted employee productivity and motivation levels, often culminating in the form of a high employee turnover ratio. This is a very frustrating and challenging situation for any enterprise, as it is unable to generate stellar results despite heavy resources.

Lastly, one more factor that was a hallmark of legacy infrastructures was “shadow IT”. In order to bypass the complexity of legacy, on-premise virtual workspace solutions, employees would end up using pirated, insecure software platforms.

For any enterprise with sensitive data on board, this is a “recipe for disaster”. Now that we have discussed the limitations of on-premise virtual workspace solutions, let us discuss how your enterprise can achieve stellar results by deploying Cloud Hosted Virtual Workspaces.

Flexible, Agile and Scalable

The foremost benefit your enterprise gets from Cloud Hosted Virtual Workspaces is flexibility. Your remote workforce will have seamless access to enterprise resources and data over multiple devices and operating systems (OS), for a consistent experience.

Cloud Hosted Virtual Workspaces come with agility built into the service itself. Quality solutions like dinWorkspaces by dinCloud, an ATSG company, empower you to provision or retire hosted workspaces on the fly, in a matter of just a few minutes and clicks.

With Cloud Hosted Workspaces, you attain top notch scalability, without ever feeling the need to upgrade or re-factor any IT hardware resources you may have on-premise. The state of the art cloud infrastructure of your service provider takes care of the rest.

Purpose Built for Remote Work and BYOD

Most of the makeshift remote work solutions that cropped up in response to the pandemic had loopholes in security. These gaps could easily be exploited by cyber miscreants to cause data loss or theft.

In the case of Cloud Hosted Virtual Workspaces however, you get enterprise grade, multi layered cyber security built into the service. These security features include real time protection from viruses, malware and ransomware.

In addition to these, there is a user authentication layer in the case of dinWorkspaces, which gives you un-rivaled peace of mind regarding data integrity and security. Further, your enterprise data is not spread across individual employee devices.

Under these circumstances, it becomes very easy for enterprises to implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies across the organization. This results in a much smaller footprint of in-house IT teams, and also translates into cost savings related to IT hardware.


Whether you gauge Cloud Hosted Virtual Workspaces from a management, security or scalability perspective, there are compelling reasons to adopt this technology. By using a top Cloud Workspaces provider like dinCloud, you can achieve impressive outcomes.

In order to extract that last ounce of performance from your Cloud Hosted Workspaces solution, you not only need a top Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud, but the support of your workforce is equally important to achieve the results.

Contact dinCloud, an ATSG company, for top notch Cloud Hosted Virtual Workspace solutions (dinWorkspaces) for your enterprise.