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A Cloud Hosted Workspace, also known as Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a highly capable solution for a wide range of productivity needs. There are a number of DaaS Solutions in the market that you can choose from, so you have to choose wisely.

Why Prefer dinWorkspace Over Other Cloud Hosted Desktops

Intro to dinCloud

dinCloud is a premier Cloud Service Provider (CSP) that has a vast data center footprint to support its global cloud users. dinCloud offers a wide range of cloud hosted services that include virtual desktops, servers and database management solutions.

What is dinWorkspace?

dinWorkspace is our mainstream Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop that provides you a fully virtualized Windows 10 desktop experience. dinWorkspaces can be accessed using a browser, internet connection and a login device such as tablet, laptop or desktop.

How dinWorkspace Functions?

You will access dinWorkspace from any device by entering unique login credentials. All your data, applications and workloads will be stored and executed over dinCloud’s highly reliable, secure and robust cloud infrastructure.

When you have performed your tasks over dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktop, you will simply logout the session. Later, you can start off right from where you left off, regardless of whether you’re in the office, home or travelling.

Why Prefer dinWorkspaces?

dinHVD is a turnkey Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offering that can cater to all your existing and future productivity needs. With dinWorkspaces, all the underlying hardware will be fully managed by dinCloud, so that you can focus more on core business functions.

Here are some compelling reasons you should prefer dinCloud Hosted Workspaces over other similar cloud solutions in the market.

Infographic Why Prefer dinWorkspace Over Other Cloud Hosted Desktops

Zero Hardware Management

Once you transition to our dinWorkspace cloud solution, you no longer have to worry about procuring, maintaining or upgrading the underlying IT hardware. All this will be taken care of by dinCloud’s infrastructure, being your Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

Data Security

dinCloud Hosted Workspaces possess an impeccable record in both physical and cyber security of its data centers. Our data centers are certified for some of the world’s leading independent standards for security and compliance.

Centrality of Data

With dinWorkspace, all your valuable organizational data will be centrally stored over dinCloud’s Private Virtual Servers. Now, even if an employee’s device is lost or stolen, you don’t risk losing any critical data.

Data Encryption

For enhanced security, dinCloud keeps user’s data perpetually in encrypted form. All communication between dinCloud’s data centers and your employee devices is also encrypted en route so that any attempt of data theft can be neutralized.

Multi Factor Authentication

Before a user is granted access to organizational data over dinWorkspace, a multi factor authentication system first verifies the identity of each user. This is particularly helpful if a bad actor has either got hold of some employee’s password or device.

Cost Reduction

Through dinCloud Hosted Desktops, you don’t need to invest in costly on premise hardware. You also don’t need to constantly upgrade employee devices as dinCloud infrastructure is used for all your computing and processing workloads.

Ease of Management

To empower dinWorkspace users, we have designed a very intuitive web based cloud management tool called dinManage. Using this cloud management portal, you can easily manage your DaaS solution in real time with unmatched ease.

Instant Scalability

Our dinWorkspace is a highly effective solution for ever changing workforce needs. You can scale your DaaS solution up or down instantly using our dinManage portal. dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops are also an ideal fit for remote or mobile workforce needs.

dinWorkspaces Pricing Model

In addition to being the most secure and reliable cloud hosted desktop, dinWorkspace also leads from the front in pricing. We will bill you purely on a usage basis, with no hidden or migration costs that are generally imposed by our cloud competitors.

What this means for you as an end user is that your cloud bill won’t have any unexpected surprises. dinCloud has an industry beating “flat rate pricing model” for its Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops so that you can plan right down to each dollar.

dinCloud Security Profile

The global data centers of dinCloud are independently certified for some of the leading international standards for security. Our security compliances include HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53/FI, PCI DSS, SOC Type I and II, SS 507, SS 564 and TVRA to name a few.


With these independent cyber security certifications and a dedicated team of cloud security professionals, you can sit back and relax with the assurance that all your valuable data is in the safest hands of the cloud computing industry.

Get in touch with us to discuss your organization’s remote productivity needs so that we can design a DaaS solution that is best suited to your unique needs.