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dinWorkspace: Hosted Virtual Desktop Benefits from dinCloud

Considering Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinWorkspace)? The following is an overview of what benefits you can expect by subscribing to dinWorkspace (hosted virtual desktops from dinCloud). We welcome you to engage us directly and we’d be happy to discuss these and other benefits.

Cost Savings

By migrating to cloud hosted virtual desktops, you can extend the life of existing desktops, postpone large capital expenditures or reduce the cost of high end devices. You will also see a significant savings in your operating expense, between 30-50%.


dinCloud provides control over your hosted virtual desktops in a number of ways. The actual dinWorkspace can be provisioned, modified, or de-provisioned directly by you. As a company, you are also in more control than with traditional desktops. Data is stored centrally, and with active directory, you control instantly if you need to adjust access to the hosted virtual desktop or to the data within it.


dinCloud provides multiple layers of security. The data center is protected 24/7 by live security guards, among other physical security measures. Access to the hosted virtual desktop is encrypted and thus protected. You can add a built-in backup service and or/file-share system. Learn more about our security here.


The subscription model that dinCloud offers gives business more agility and flexibility. New software can be rolled out quickly, and you can respond to software updates more effectively through a centralized management platform. Take advantage of trends in computing such as bring your own device (consumerization of IT). Allow employees to bring in a Mac or Apple iPad, their own laptop, or work from home on their desktop. If weather or sickness prevents workers from getting to the office, you have flexibility to allow remote work from any location without hampering productivity.


Now, every employee can be productive from wherever they are, and from virtually any device. Whether it is a laptop, desktop, iPad, or Android device – employees can get to their virtual desktop, business applications and be as productive as they are today in front of their work PC. Your consultant(s) or IT department’s productivity increases too. You can choose to co-manage, or hand over management of the PC fleet to dinCloud. This speeds time to deploy new software, apply software updates, and keep systems running securely.