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Right now, enterprises find themselves in a recovery phase from a devastating pandemic. However, this recovery process is being hampered by a wide range of constraints, with access to agile and mobile IT technologies being a notable one.

The mobility and agility requirements of today’s workforce are quite different from the basic remote work scenarios that could be achieved via legacy solutions like Virtual Private Networks (VPN). In the current situation, VPNs are imposing a lot of limitations.

With a full on remote work scenario, where enterprise software and applications are very resource intensive, you need a robust technology solution like cloud hosted Desktop as a Service (DaaS). This allows enterprises to deploy virtual desktops on the fly.

How to Achieve Mobility and Agility via Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?

Let us discuss how a quality Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution like dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops make enterprise operations both mobile and agile.

Extend the Life of Aging Hardware

Medium to large enterprises could end up spending millions of dollars on a major hardware refresh across the organization. Typically, this could be as early as two to three years. By this time, the hardware has not even fully justified its price, yet it becomes obsolete.

A DaaS solution like dinWorkspaces, on the other hand, gives a new lease of life to your otherwise obsolete IT hardware. This is possible because no data, processes or applications run on the physical devices. The infrastructure of the DaaS provider is used instead.

Reduction in IT Related Capital Expenses (CapEx)

With a DaaS solution like dinHVD, deploying enterprises no longer need on-site servers or data centers. This need is fulfilled by state of the art data centers of the DaaS provider like dinCloud. This results in a major reduction in IT related capital expenditures.

Robust Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC)

Leading DaaS providers like dinCloud offer a robust DR and BC through a large footprint of data centers. These multiple data centers provide a seamless fail over, in the event of any un-foreseen contingencies.

With a DaaS solution, restoring your data and applications to their last known stable state is just a few clicks and minutes away. This becomes possible by maintaining periodic backups of the Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops, referred to as “snapshots”.

Stable and Secure Remote Work Environment

DaaS providers like dinCloud offer a robust and multi layered security built into the very service. This security envelope trickles down to every remote user who is availing the DaaS solution while working from home (WFH).

Ideal for Fluctuating Workforce Scenarios

DaaS solutions are ideal for industries that experience seasonal trends in the demand for their products or services. As an enterprise, you can scale your DaaS solution up or down on the fly, as and when your business needs change.

The scalability of DaaS solutions works just like an on off switch. The other good aspect of DaaS solutions is that you end up paying only for the cloud resources that you have actually used. With vigilant management, you can also reduce your recurring IT expenses as well.

Ease of Management

As a leading DaaS provider in the marketplace, dinCloud has designed a very intuitive and user friendly Cloud Management Portal called dinManage. This enables you to monitor and manage all the key elements of your DaaS environment from a single user interface.

Scope of Management

One important thing to note while moving to a DaaS solution is the scope of managing the environment, and its various aspects. This will vary, depending on the needs of each individual enterprise and each DaaS provider out there in the market.

Some of the most common DaaS management options are mentioned below for your ease.

Fully Self Managed

If you have an adequate IT team in-house, both in terms of skills and numbers, you can go for a fully managed DaaS solution. In this case, all key aspects of the DaaS solution, apart from the infrastructure, will be managed by your IT team. This in turn saves you costs.

Semi Managed

In this model, the DaaS provider and the enterprise will mutually agree upon a divided scope of responsibilities. This option works under the “shared responsibility” model. Although it adds to some complexity, it still saves you some overheads.

Fully Managed DaaS Solution

As the name suggests, in this model, all the aspects of the DaaS environment are managed by your DaaS provider like dinCloud. This option is highly suitable for enterprises whose core industry does not pertain to IT or the Cloud. This option does cost more though.


DaaS solutions like dinHVD offer a wide range of benefits to enterprises. However, it is important for each deploying enterprise to assess its in-house capability and then choose the management option that best conforms to those needs.

Contact dinCloud for secure, reliable and robust Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions, which come with a wide range of management options.