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Be Ready For

Remote Work

Work from Home (WFH) is the new reality that’s here to stay, so Embrace It!
Whether its Virtual Desktop Service or Cloud Hosted Server, we have it all covered!

20,000+ WFH Users Trust dinCloud! Join them Today!

Why You Need To
Always Be Remote Ready?

Being ready for remote work is no more a stop gap arrangement. It’s something around which your very survival may hinge in the near future.

Access Management

Give remote access to your organizational data, processes and applications only once you have established the identity of each end user by using a range of authentication measures.

Based on your security and compliance needs, we offer a wide range of security protocols. Our Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is one of the best access management solutions out there.

Collaborate Remotely

In any WFH environment, collaboration is key to meeting organizational goals. Enjoy seamless access to some of the best online collaboration tools via our Remote Desktop Service.

Whether you prefer applications and software added onto your dinHVDs or desire to use cloud native productivity apps only, dinCloud is there to deliver a custom solution for you.

BYOD was Never this Secure

With a robust Two Factor Authentication (2FA) in place, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives can be launched with full confidence, in true letter and spirit.

dinCloud’s robust architecture extends the useful life of your otherwise obsolete endpoint devices. Our Virtual Hosted Desktop will utilize dinCloud’s resources instead of employee devices.

Unmatched User Experience (UX)

With our state of the art cloud infrastructure, enjoy a seamless end user experience round the clock, regardless of the device you are using.

Whether executing processing or graphics intensive workloads, our powerful Hosted Virtual Desktops will exceed your expectations with flying colors.

Requisites For A
Good WFH Solution

Let dinCloud Fulfill Your WFH Needs

Becoming remote ready via dinCloud may be one of the best strategic decisions you make in these uncertain times. With best in class Customer Support over multiple platforms, your transition to dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktop will be seamless and secure.

dinCloud Datacenter
Certifications and Standards

We host out of three, geographically dispersed data centers, with each complying with multiple compliance regulations:


Los Angeles

Seamlessly Adopt dinCloud Solutions
By Following These Steps

dinCloud, with its global footprint of highly advanced data centers, can easily serve your remote workforce, wherever they may be deployed.

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Explore dinCloud’s wide range of cloud services. We surely have one that’s just right for You!