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It is just a few months back, when the booming global travel industry was “hit by a truck”, a global pandemic in the form of Covid-19. Some of the world’s busiest airports painted a deserted picture we had not seen in decades.

However, the good thing is that as soon as the effects of the pandemic have subsided, the global travel industry has “returned with a bang”. People tend to travel for a host of reasons, but no matter what the reason, every travel contributes to this industry’s growth.

It is not that the global travel industry has simply wasted all these months. The lockdowns that were imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, gave companies associated with this competitive industry a lot of time for introspection.

How is Cloud Computing Facilitating the Travel Industry?

The global travel industry, we must say, has put all this idle time to good use, especially when it comes to Digital Transformation initiatives. One of the most rewarding preambles to digitalization has been a move to Cloud Computing infrastructures.

In this post, we will highlight how Cloud Computing solutions and services are facilitating the global travel industry to bounce back from a severe recession.

Speedy Delivery of IT Services

The travel industry is all about time, and whichever organization is the first to reach out to a prospective customer, has the best chance of getting good business. By leveraging cloud infrastructures and services, travel related companies can fast track their service delivery.

Let’s say a person is looking for a hotel room, to attend some official business. The travel and hospitality provider that reaches out to that customer first, has a much better chance of getting that person’s reservation.

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In short, Cloud Computing services and solutions enable organizations associated with the travel industry to fast track their services, whether its bookings, reservations, generic information, or helping people plan their trips effortlessly.

Personalized and Improved Service

As we have discussed earlier, the travel industry is fiercely competitive. Travelers these days have a lot of options, right at their finger tips. In such a situation, it is becoming more difficult than ever to woo customers, and retain them over the mid to long term.

One more change in consumer behavior that has mainly been witnessed, during and after the pandemic, is personalized service. In order to offer personalized service to travelers, it is critical for companies in this industry to have data about the preferences of travelers.

Cloud Computing, with its efficient and cost effective storage capabilities, is a great way for companies associated with the travel industry to offer personalized service and amenities to their regular customers that travel frequently.

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This ability of travel companies to provide personalized services to travels, and that too in a cost efficient manner, will improve their competitiveness. By receiving personalized service, travelers will develop better brand loyalty with travel and hospitality providers.

Reduction in Operating Costs

A lot of operations of companies associated with the travel industry are now online. Customers have so many options, which are readily accessible over smartphones. This has made some travelers cost conscious as well.

This is the part where we have to look into the operating costs of companies that provide travel and hospitality services. By leveraging the Cloud, these companies can reduce their in-house IT infrastructure costs considerably, and shift to “pay as you use” pricing models of cloud providers, instead of fixed costs.

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Improved Employee Productivity

By migrating to the infrastructure of a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud, a travelling services company can give its employees seamless access to IT resources, whether they are on site, or elsewhere.

This seamless accessibility of cloud infrastructures, regardless of where the employees are at any given point in time, considerably enhances productivity. Improved productivity of employees means the ability of travel companies to deliver better customer service.

Easy Development and Deployment of Applications

Customers are increasingly using digital channels for searching the best travel services providers, wherever they want to go. For any business that is associated with this industry, it is becoming increasingly important to have an impressive digital footprint.

Now, even websites are losing their effectiveness, as customers desire purpose built smartphone applications that promptly give them access to the information and resources they are looking for.

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Cloud Computing environments help travel services providers in two ways. With cloud based Platform as a Service (PaaS), travel companies can get state of the art, purpose built applications developed for the services that they offer.

The second way in which the Cloud proves helpful for travel related companies is its instant scalability. By deploying their business applications over the Cloud, travel companies no longer have to worry about scaling up, especially during seasonal or event driven peaks.

The infrastructures of leading cloud providers, like dinCloud, can scale up or down in real-time, giving travel companies the flexibility they need in ever changing demand trends for their services.

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Whether its operations, costs, digitalization or innovation, Cloud Computing provides travel companies the perfect foundation for tapping new markets, and serving their existing markets with exciting options, thus driving home value for the business.

If you are also associated with the Travel Industry, and want to leverage state of the art cloud solutions, then dinCloud is the best choice for you out there.

Feel free to Contact Us, and one of Cloud Solutions Specialists will reach out to you, so we can fully understand your unique cloud computing needs.