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As someone living in the pharmaceutical industry, you may have been hearing about the impact of recent IT trends shaping the pharma ecosystem over the last few years.

During the span of the last few years, we’ve seen mergers and acquisitions giving rise to mammoth organizations taking the competition to a whole new level. The need for developing personalized medicine is increasing the complexity of care. With the strict regulations, evolving compliance, and tighter price controls, many pharma companies are looking at cost saving measures. In order to take these challenges head on, pharma companies are finding it necessary to bring innovation and automation to their business processes.

Cloud Benefits for Pharma Industry

Cloud for the Pharma Industry

Cloud is at the forefront of the technologies leading the digital transformation in the pharma industry. Cloud infrastructure has the potential to bring a new era of innovation and automation in business process while ensuring security, efficiency, and cost savings.


Security is one of the major concerns for the pharma industry as intellectual property and patient information is considered to be highly sensitive data. The migration from paper based records to digital health records are making databases susceptible for breaches. Cloud technology with its virtual private data center infrastructure and enterprise grade security can secure pharma companies valuable research and data. Additionally, with the built in business continuity and disaster recovery (BD/DR) strategy with it’s multiple layers of physical and virtual security, ensures that the data is secure and backed up in the event of a disaster.

Cost Savings

By leveraging the Cloud, Pharma companies can reallocate their budgets to R&D and focus on what they do best: developing cures. This is extremely beneficial to small and medium pharma industry players, who can lower their operational expenses by migrating their IT infrastructure to the cloud, enabling them to compete with their larger counterparts.

With Hosted Workspaces, pharma companies can keep their IT infrastructure up to date with the latest technology while taking care of those hefty software and hardware upgrades.


Cloud technology enables effective communication and collaboration among different departments, offices, sites, and remote facilities across different geographic locations. Important research and advancements can be transferred over to different departments without any delay.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) can help pharma companies address their productivity concerns. DaaS is a turn-key solution that provides security, productivity, and control.

Cloud Technologies Transforming Pharma Industry

Why Cloud?

Taking a peak at the fourth annual survey of mid-market technology by Deloitte, almost 40 percent of executives are expecting the greatest productivity will come from investments in cloud technology. According to Gartner, healthcare institutions are also increasing their dependence on Cloud as cloud service providers become more supportive of HIPAA.

At dinCloud, we help Pharma organizations leverage the cloud to stay secure and efficient while slashing their operational costs.  See how other industry players have managed the migration with dinCloud’s Hosted Workspaces solution by checking out these case studies.

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