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Deloitte is a global leader when it comes to professional services and consultancy. The company recently released its New Technology Trends Report for the year 2022, with prime focus on Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In this post, we will shed light on the above technologies highlighted by Deloitte, and their interactions with one another. We will also discuss how the above digital technologies will be re-shaping the year 2022, a crucial one for global economies.

The Evolution of Digital Technologies in 2022; thru Deloitte’s Lens

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The world is still under the firm grip of a global pandemic. While things are moving in the right direction, we are still far from declaring a world that has left Covid-19 behind. The year 2022 will be very important in the context of leveraging digital technologies.

Over the past thirty odd months or so, digital technologies have progressed from something enterprises would have liked to something they desperately need. This is a major evolution, and businesses will need to adapt in order to remain competitive and relevant.

Cloud Computing

According to Deloitte, the year 2022 will continue to be a bearer of good news for the Cloud Computing industry. Enterprises are increasing moving away from the CapEx model of owning costly on-premise data centers.

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Instead, enterprises are transitioning towards the purely OpEx model being offered by Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud. Under this model, enterprises will readily be accessing storage, compute and processing on offer by various CSPs.

Big Data – The Key to Business Insights

The regulations around data are getting more stringent with every passing day. So, businesses will have to make do with mostly the data they already have on hand. Customers, on the other hand, are also getting very cautious when sharing data.

This by no means reduces the “business value” of data, as it gives valuable insights into consumer preferences and behavior. By leveraging the immense computing and processing power of Cloud Computing, business will continue to draw valuable insights from Big Data.

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Blockchain – A Make or Break Phase

Globally, blockchain technologies were unfortunately overshadowed by the crypto currency frenzy, and the wild speculation that followed. It appears the year 2022 will be a “make or break” for blockchain, leading up to distributed ledger technologies.

According to Deloitte, Governments in general, and regulators in particular, will be playing a decisive role in legitimizing blockchain technologies, or otherwise. Any further uncertainty surrounding these technologies will be detrimental to the interests of the public at large.

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Automation – A Key Driver of Process Improvement

The already strong trend of automation has been further emphasized by the global pandemic. It has re-vitalized the theory that the tasks that can be automated using various digital technologies must be done so with utmost urgency.

Deloitte expects the trend of process automation to pick up further momentum during the year 2022. Digital technologies like Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will be playing a key role in mainstreaming automation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The interesting part about most digital technologies is their inter dependency. Deloitte expects Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assume a more centralized role in enterprise processes and operations during the year 2022.

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AI will be giving businesses valuable insights to drive home their different Machine Learning (ML) and automation initiatives at the enterprise level. AI will also be playing a leading role in delivering highly personalized Customer Experiences (CX), a source of differentiation.


According to Deloitte, the year 2022 will be quite eventful for digital technologies. The outcomes of most such digitalization initiatives will culminate in the form of process automation and even further improved customer experiences.

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