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The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed our world over the course of just one year. The things we used to call normal have now become the exception and vice versa. This global health crisis has taken its toll on almost every person on this planet.

However, not everything around us is that gloomy and there is still a ray of hope in the form of robots. Here, we are not talking of some ordinary robot, rather a smart robot that is playing a leading role in keeping healthcare providers and us from harm’s way.

By now, you must be familiar with the idea of high precision robots performing super intricate tasks on vehicle assembly lines and the like. If robots can perform so well in that environment, why not in healthcare.

This is no ordinary health crisis, as the infection and mortality rates are not slowing down despite many efforts. As I write this post, there is also the talk of a further mutated and much more dangerous strain of the corona virus itself.

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Hence, this puts frontline healthcare workers and medical first responders in grave danger. Although every human life is priceless but in the present circumstances, the well being and lives of health care providers are even more important.

So, is there a way that enables healthcare providers to interact with and treat Covid-19 patients, without the risks of contracting the virus themselves? Well, the answer lies in high tech robots that are powered by the Cloud.

These robots are nothing short of a blessing for our frontline healthcare providers, who have been sacrificing their precious lives in the line of medical duty. These cloud powered robots are all set to assume the following two roles initially.

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Disinfecting Patients, Surfaces and Equipment

This is the first and foremost advantage of using these robots for Covid-19 response. We are witnessing a sharp increase in demand for robots that are capable of disinfecting patients, the surfaces they come into contact with and other medical equipment.

Here’s the great thing about these intelligent machines, they are fully capable of moving across medical facilities and disinfecting from the adverse effects of Covid-19. These robots emit ultra strong UV rays that instantly kill the virus within its tracks.

As a result, healthcare facilities are a much safer place for both health related professionals as well as infected patients. This peace of mind available to our frontline healthcare providers is just matchless.

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Contactless Patient Interaction

During this pandemic, the concept of telemedicine has gained a lot of traction. Robots have extended the scope of telemedicine to healthcare facilities as well. Assume a severely infected Covid-19 patient arrives in the emergency room (ER).

The patient either needs immediate medical attention or a detailed exam is required. Well, these are the areas where cloud powered robots are all set to replace human healthcare providers. These smart robots are fully capable of taking the readings for your vitals.

Such robots are further capable of acting as a bridge between a healthcare provider and a patient. In this scenario, a doctor would be able to interact with a patient first hand, but with a robot acting as a buffer between the two.

This will greatly minimize the risks of person to person contact between a doctor and a patient. The addition of smart robots to our arsenal is a welcome news in the backdrop of fighting this global pandemic.

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The inclusion of robots within healthcare is just the beginning. As this concept materializes on a mass scale, we should also see a similar use of these smart robots in schools, offices and even crowded public places.

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