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Over the past two years or so, enterprise networks have evolved in a big way. Remote work is nothing new altogether. However, the sheer scale at which remote work is being executed right now is mind boggling on many counts.

As a result of the sheer quantum of remote work right now, enterprises are facing a lot of challenges when it comes to making remote work environments secure, productive and seamless. Let us commence this post with a few stats around remote work.

How DaaS Solutions Make Remote Work Secure, Productive and Seamless?

Future Remote Work Trends

Most tech analysts believed during the early days of the pandemic that remote work would be a temporary phenomenon. However, the situation which has unfolded lately is revealing a completely different picture altogether.

Nearly 75% of executives based in the UK believe that remote work is something that is here to stay for good. By the year 2025, it is believed that 87% more Americans will be working remotely, when compared to the pre-pandemic era.

An overwhelming 80% of managers and top executives plan to allow their teams to work remotely, even after the pandemic. So far as employees themselves are concerned, nearly 96% of them want remote work to continue as such.

Nearly 65% of employees that are currently working remotely want to adopt this work model on a permanent basis. Another 31% are more interested in a hybrid work model, which is a mix of both remote work and working from the physical office space.

This trend of remote work received new impetus when tech giants like Twitter and Facebook publicly announced their transition towards a perpetual remote work model. Companies like Neilson, Coinbase, Zillow and Square Space also followed suit.

Where DaaS Fits into the Picture?

From the above stats and industry trends, it is quite evident that remote work is the new reality with which enterprises across the globe will have to make themselves comfortable with. Still, there are limiting factors to remote work, like security and productivity etc.

Let us discuss how Desktop as a Service (DaaS) fits perfectly into the whole remote work picture, and helps enterprises overcome the above challenges.

Multi Layered Security of DaaS

Leading DaaS providers like dinCloud provide enterprise grade cyber security built into the service itself. This is achieved through a robust, multi layered security mechanism that includes anti-virus, firewalls, intrusion detection and malware protection etc.

This security envelope extends to the remote employees as well, by authenticating each remote user with a robust Two Factor Authentication (2FA) mechanism in the case of leading DaaS provider dinCloud.

Productivity from Anywhere, at Anytime

DaaS solutions like dinWorkspaces by dinCloud give your remote employees the ability to remain fully productive from any location, whether its home, the workplace or somewhere else. Further, employees can access enterprise resources at the time of their preference.

With a quality DaaS solution like dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD), remote employees can enjoy seamless productivity, as they can access all those resources whenever they feel at the their very best.

DaaS solutions de-link the productivity of your employees both from the physical workplace and the typical office hours. As a result, employee productivity during the ongoing remote work scenario has either improved, or remained un-changed altogether in most cases.

Seamless Connectivity

During the initial days of the pandemic, most enterprises resorted to Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to support their remote workforce. However, VPNs not only deteriorated the end user experience, but also gave rise to security challenges.

DaaS solutions, on the other hand, deliver seamless connectivity to enterprise resources as no workloads are executed on employee endpoint devices. The same holds true for enterprise data, as it is stored in the DaaS provider’s secure data centers instead.

As all the heavy lifting is being done by the DaaS provider’s cloud infrastructure, remote employees with even sub-par internet bandwidth can enjoy a seamless end user experience (UX). The same can’t be said about legacy remote work solutions like VPNs.


The trend of remote work is here to stay, maybe for good. So, why not transition to Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for your remote work needs, and why not choose a reliable DaaS provider like dinCloud, which has years of industry experience at its back.

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