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The digitization driven workplace is evolving at a very fast pace. As the trends around the physical workplace and productivity change, so does the need for adjusting your IT environment to fulfil those needs.

What are the Benefits of End User Computing (EUC)

End User Computing

In any IT environment, your end users are a very important stakeholder. Their productivity hinges on the flexibility and availability of your IT infrastructure. We can define end user computing as all the components of your infrastructure that your workforce uses.

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A well structured and highly available End User Computing (EUC) environment reduces long term costs and overheads, while improving employee satisfaction and productivity at the same time.

Migrating your EUC infrastructure to a promising Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud can bring along many additional benefits. The cloud is otherwise a highly versatile and productivity centric environment for your end users.

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Benefits of End User Computing (EUC)

The benefits highlighted in this post are in the specific context of a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud. Your enterprise can also avail our Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) and enjoy these benefits.

Management is Centralized

Take a moment to visualize a traditional IT environment at the enterprise level. It may comprise of hundreds or even thousands of physical computers. Managing and maintaining these physical machines is an administrative nightmare.

Consider the effort and manpower required to troubleshoot, update or patch each of these physical machines individually. Secondly, this process never ends as upgrades and updates are constantly rolling out.

EUC solves this issue with centralized management. You can install updates, patches, applications, operating systems and more, all from a centralized location. This reduces administrative overheads and provides your enterprise with unrivaled agility.

At dinCloud, we have designed a very intuitive and user friendly cloud management portal called dinManage. It allows to you manage key aspects of your cloud services such as user roles, application assignment and much more from a single user interface.

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Support for BYOD Initiatives

The modern workforce prefers, and at times demands a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy at the workplace. Although BYOD may entail use of the same device for official as well as personal tasks, it eases a lot of burden from your IT related expenses.

Once delivered over the cloud in the form of virtual desktops, EUC provides the ideal technology stack for BYOD initiatives. EUC provides a secure and highly available access to organizational data and applications, regardless of an employee’s physical location.

End User Environment is More Secure

In the case of cloud based EUC platforms like dinHVD, you can avail a much better security profile. Your enterprise data is not spread across multiple endpoint devices, rather it’s centrally stored in secure cloud data centers.

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Even if an employee’s device is lost or stolen, you don’t risk losing enterprise data. In case of dinCloud, access to data is granted only after passing through a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) protocol.

To further beef up security at the end user level, dinCloud has integrated Sophos Intercept X for Endpoints and Servers into its EUC offering. Sophos is among the global leaders in terms of cyber security solutions.

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Built-In Disaster Recovery

When you move EUC to a CSP like dinCloud, you get a robust Disaster Recovery (DR) built into the service. dinCloud has highly interconnected global data centers which act as a fail over or DR mechanism in case a particular data center is facing any disruption.


Whether you gauge cloud powered End User Computing (EUC) from an enterprise or employee standpoint, the benefits are huge. You further enhance those benefits by outsourcing the management part to a cloud provider like dinCloud.

Feel free to Contact Us for more benefits that EUC can bring to your enterprise, once delivered over dinCloud’s infrastructure.