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Cloud Computing is a technology that has brought about multi faceted benefits for organizations and businesses of all sizes. These benefits extend to the financial, operational and productivity sides of deploying entities.

Security Benefits of Cloud Computing Solutions

List of General Benefits of Cloud Computing Solutions


In a cloud computing solution sourced from a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud, the deploying entity does not need to invest in procuring expensive IT hardware. Instead, the infrastructure of the CSP is used, which entails financial benefits.


Once you deploy a cloud solution, you bring operational efficiencies in the organization by drastically cutting down the size of your IT staff. Secondly, you deploy a uniform infrastructure with the cloud and deliver a seamless end user experience.


A cloud solution like dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops are geared towards employee productivity, independent from the constraints of time and space. With your data and desktops in the cloud, your workforce can remain productive virtually from anywhere.

Security Benefits of Cloud Computing

Now that we have covered some of the general benefits of cloud solutions, let’s shift our focus to the security related benefits of the cloud.

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Your valuable organizational data is stored in the data centers of a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud. With all your data converged at a single location, you no longer need to secure every end point device individually, as no data resides over it.

Virtual Firewalls

CSPs like dinCloud secure your data by deploying multiple layers of virtual firewalls that not only protect your data against external threats but are equally effective in securing you data from any internal vulnerabilities unique to your organization.

Malware Protection

This has become a major nuisance for organizations that not only compromises the performance of your hardware but also poses data security threats. dinCloud has a very effective Malware Protection solution built into its cloud services.

Device Loss

One of the major security benefits of the cloud is that even if one of your employee’s end point devices such as a laptop is lost or stolen, it does not pose any data loss or theft risks. The reason is that no data is stored over end point devices in a cloud solution.

Regulatory Compliance

The data centers of premier CSPs like dinCloud are compliant with some of the industry’s leading standards for physical and cyber security of your data. By choosing the right cloud provider like dinCloud, you can attain full regulatory compliance around data.

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How is Cloud a Secure Computing Solution?

It all starts with your highly valuable organizational data. Once you migrate to a cloud solution like dinHVD, all your data is migrated securely to the data center of your Cloud Service Provider. These data centers are secured from physical and cyber threats.

The second layer of data security is applied at the end user level. Before your employees gain access to organizational data over the cloud, each user is first authenticated using the latest Multi-Factor Authentication protocols to avoid any impersonation attempt.

CSPs like dinCloud maintain multiple backups of your valuable data regularly at locations that are physically dispersed. Even if one particular data center is experiencing a rare issue, you and the customers still have full, secure access to data.

Lastly, CSPs keep your data fully encrypted. Therefore, even in the rare occurrence of a data breach, your data is unintelligible for any entity that has gained unauthorized access to your data. dinCloud has one of the industry’s highest standards for data protection.

Benefits of Secure Cloud Computing

A secure cloud computing solution such as dinHVD gives you complete peace of mind when it comes to securing your valuable data. Choosing a reliable and secure Cloud Service Provider ensures your data remains fully compliant of data protection regulations.

Once you adopt a robust and secure Cloud Solution like the one offered by dinCloud, you deploy a blanket of protection that shields you from both external threats as well as internal vulnerabilities.

When you have secured your data in the cloud, you can aggressively adopt Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives. This will have twofold benefits of not only reducing your IT hardware footprint, but also enhancing the user experience of your employees.