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Travel and hospitality were one of the worst hit industries in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether its for work or fun, travel is a whole experience in itself. The travel industry plays a pivotal role in making our trips really memorable.

Due to the restrictions imposed on travel by the pandemic, the global travel industry took a major blow. For most of us, it is the smaller things related to our trips that tend to worry us the most, especially if we want to extract our money’s true worth from a trip.

How are Cloud and Tech Reviving the Travel Industry?

The Year of the Travel Agent

If we take a deeper dive into well planned and executed travel experiences, we will realize that a seasoned travel agent gets all the credit in most of the cases. Even if you plan your trip meticulously yourself, it just tends to take away the element of surprise.

As a result, everything seems a bit boring and dull, as you are aware of even the minutest detail of your trip. So, this is the area where the role of a well experienced and technology powered travel agent becomes all that more important.

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Perhaps, it is because of this very reason that The Washington Post has stated that year 2021 could well be the year of the travel agent. People across the globe are now feeling desperate for a change in their dull routines, and what better option than to travel.

Many experts in the fields of travel and hospitality believe that this very urge among the masses to break this monotony, and travel to places far and wide will be instrumental in the recovery of this struggling industry.

How Does a Modern Travel Agency Look Like?

Well, the modern travel agency is powered by digital technologies like Cloud Computing. The Cloud provides travel agencies ready access to nearly limitless storage, compute and processing muscle. These facets of the Cloud make it ideal for seasonal usage trends.

Any modern travel agency will have to incorporate the elements of data analytics and the public Cloud to deliver the exceptional experiences modern day travelers expect. An additional element which is gaining a lot of popularity among customers is spontaneity.

One modern, technology powered travel agency has taken this concept to new heights. They are recording the preferences of each individual client, with regards to the various destinations, and also taking into consideration their respective budgets.

What this travel agency does next is that by leveraging data analytics and the computing power of the Cloud, it will suggest a random travel destination to the client. This recommendation will be on the basis of the customer’s preferences and budget.

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This whole new business idea in the travel industry, though limited to just USA at the moment, is a great way of bringing back travel enthusiasts with innovative solutions. The role of data analytics is also very important in terms of weather, traffic and occupancy.

Targeted and Data Backed Travel Destinations

By incorporating the key elements of a traveler’s unique preferences, weather, traffic conditions, travel restrictions and occupancy levels, travel agencies will be able to deliver such a heavenly travel experience to the masses that they can only dream of.

Digital technologies like Cloud Computing and data analytics will play a leading role in the revival of the global travel industry. This will not only provide jobs to the thousands of people associated with this industry, but will also transform travelling experiences.

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