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As we continue to curate Digital Tech Trends in the Healthcare Industry, we have seen the following technologies repeatedly mentioned: Cloud Computing, Robotic Process Automation (virtual robots), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Since these have been the top trending IT technologies for the healthcare industry, we’ve compiled content related to these Tech Trends. These include both third party articles and dinCloud resources that you might find useful.

Healthcare Industry Digital IT Trends Resources

Articles on Healthcare Industry Digital Technology Trends

How the Cloud Is Transforming Healthcare

Here are some key insights on how cloud computing is changing the way the healthcare industry is delivering quality and affordable services.

Healthcare Cloud Becomes IT Infrastructure Necessity

According to Gartner, healthcare institutions are increasing their dependence on Cloud Solutions as CSPs become more supportive of HIPAA regulations.

AI in Healthcare: The Unevenly Distributed Future Is Here

Recent research from Accenture on Artificial Intelligence in healthcare has found that: AI to grow more than 10x in the next five years. AI represents a $150 billion savings opportunity for healthcare.

Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare

An article by Dan Housman, Chief Technology Officer, ConvergeHealth by Deloitte provides insights on how RPA provides an opportunity to streamline the admin processes in healthcare to free resources, time and capital.

Key Takeaways from Digital Transformation in Healthcare

As a result of the Digital Transformation in the Healthcare industry, we see healthcare companies facing a different competitive environment than they were facing before. These digital technologies are changing the old ways of:

  • Customer interactions
  • Product development processes
  • Delivery mechanisms
  • Supplier relationships

The healthcare industry is leveraging these technologies to deliver their products and services more quickly, reduce costs, streamline inefficiencies, boost the speed of R&D efforts and manage the changing industry regulations.

Take a Peek at dinCloud’s HIT Resources

There is now an increasing role of technology in the healthcare industry. From Virtual Robots to Cloud, digital transformation is changing the dynamics of patient care in new and exciting ways.

We strongly believe that the Healthcare Industry is realizing the benefits that a cloud-based infrastructure has to offer. By leveraging hosted workspaces they can modernize their infrastructure without adding further to capital expenditure costs. Additionally, newer technologies like Virtual Robots, or Robotic Process Automation, present the opportunity to help in areas such as:

Pharma Organizations do to Achieve Digital Transformation

Get up to speed on the Key IT Trends in the Healthcare Industry by taking a peek at dinCloud’s HIT (Health Information Technology) content. Learn how healthcare companies can leverage these technologies to keep their data and research secure, save costs and maintain effective and efficient collaboration between different departments.

Benefits of Cloud Offerings for the Healthcare Industry

Cloud Case Study: Healthcare Company Moves Its Infrastructure to the Cloud

Digital Transformation in the Healthcare industry

Blog: Just What the Doctor Ordered: Current State of Cloud Adoption in Healthcare

Blog: No Category Benefits from Cloud More than Healthcare

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