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When you look at the top Cloud Service Providers (CSP) at any point in time, the equation isn’t as simple as it sounds. The Cloud Computing industry is one of the most dynamic in the overall technology sector.

Tack on the disruptive effects of Covid-19 that have posed unprecedented challenges for businesses throughout the year, and the whole landscape changes altogether. When you look at cloud providers as a whole, there is no single winner.

Secondly, you also need to change your presumption that only the cloud providers with deep pockets are the top performers. The ongoing pandemic has necessitated highly customized cloud solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each enterprise.

When you look at highly customized cloud solution providers, it comes as little surprise that dinCloud ranks right at the top. With a sound cloud infrastructure that’s further augmented with a global footprint of data centers, dinCloud stands out from the competition.

As remote work is touching unprecedented highs during the pandemic, the stakes around data security, privacy and regulatory compliance are also rising. So, you need a cloud provider like dinCloud that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to compliance.

So far as the big cloud provider’s landscape is concerned, things have remained pretty much unchanged. Even here, its more about which yardstick are you using to evaluate each large CSP, as the outcome changes once you change the underlying criteria.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) still remains at the top in terms of market share. The cloud giant is still leveraging the initial lead it enjoys due to being the pioneer of the mass scale public cloud.

Then, you have other sound names in the tech industry that mainly include Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Among them, Microsoft is fully leveraging its prowess in the Operating System (OS) domain and productivity software side as well.

Google Cloud on the other hand is leveraging the humungous tech portfolio behind its back to great advantage. Lastly, there is the aspect of increasing adoption of Cloud powered Software as a Service (SaaS) where names like Salesforce, SAP and Oracle stand out.

So far as growth is concerned, the cloud market has just started to warm up to the post Covid-19 scenario. We expect this positive momentum to continue well into 2021.

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