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Cloud Computing solutions and services have made their way into all aspects of day to day enterprise operations. The initial perception about Cloud Computing solutions was that they were not capable enough to tackle processing intensive workloads.

Well, a recent report on the growth prospects of the GPU Cloud Computing Market has revealed a very promising outlook for this technology. The report in question was released by Affluence Market Reports, and covers the cloud GPU market.

GPU Cloud Computing Market Set for Growth b/w 2022 & 2028

Traditionally, Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) intensive workloads and processing were considered the sole domain of ultra powerful, physical workstations. The capabilities of these workstations were further augmented with equally powerful GPUs.

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All this has changed over the past few years, as leading Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud have strongly demonstrated the ability of their specialized Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops to handle GPU intensive workloads quite efficiently.

Some common examples of GPU intensive workloads in Cloud Computing environments include architecture and graphics rendering etc. To navigate these resource intensive workloads, dinCloud has equipped its Cloud Desktops with Nvidia GPUs.

By combining the ultra powerful Nvidia GPUs with the stellar performance and specifications of dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops, enterprises can easily handle GPU intensive workloads.

Cloud Gaming – A Source of Strong Cloud GPU Demand

One more avenue, which was cited behind the high demand for Cloud GPUs is in fact Cloud Gaming. Initially, a lot of industry experts thought that Cloud Computing might never really take off, as it was a very unconventional model of delivering “Gaming as a Service”.

Most gaming enthusiasts were largely hooked to physical gaming consoles, which were not only costly to buy, but also needed tons of money to enjoy your favorite games. The other most common option for gamers was to go in the market and buy a costly PC.

Ironically, IT hardware has a very high rate of obsolesce, which means what is latest today, might no longer be relevant over the next few weeks or months. This in turn made gaming enthusiasts quite frustrated, as they were not getting their money’s worth.

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All this changed with the introduction of Cloud Gaming, which completely changed the dynamics of the global online gaming market. Instead of buying a super expensive gaming console or gaming PC, why not go for the subscription based model of Cloud Gaming.

Initially, most gamers were wary of the performance Cloud Gaming would deliver, but all this changed once they got a firsthand glimpse of the whole idea. It is for this very reason that the global Cloud Gaming market is growing by leaps and bounds.

Graphics Intensive Workloads Take to the Cloud

Quite similar to Cloud Gaming, the other common perception was that GPU Cloud Computing may not be able to handle graphics intensive workloads like architecture, 3D rendering or similar processes.

Take the example of leading Cloud Service Provider (CSP) dinCloud, which offers ultra high performance Nvidia GPUs with its Cloud Hosted Virtual Workspaces. As a result, enterprise users are able to execute graphics intensive workloads with zero to minimal lag.

The move of graphics intensive workloads to the Cloud has added a whole new target market for GPU Cloud Computing. Enterprises are now increasingly dropping their on-premise high performance workstations for cloud native alternatives.

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Refining Learning and Training Experiences

A lot of recent experiments have demonstrated that the addition of graphical interactive elements really enhance learning and training experiences. As a result, a lot of educational institutions are using Cloud GPUs in distance learning programs.

Distance learning, which previously used to be a boring activity, has been made very attractive, intuitive and acceptable for online students. Due to much more interactivity, the attention spans of students in distance learning programs have really improved.

The same holds true for enterprises that are investing in Cloud GPU technologies and platforms to enhance the effectiveness of their training programs. Now, employees are grasping the concepts of safety and learning new skills much more effectively.

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So far as the GPU Cloud Computing world is concerned, we are just in the early days of this technology. As more organizations learn about its benefits, and more service providers enter the market, a lot better days are up ahead.

Contact dinCloud, an ATSG company, for specialized Cloud Hosted Workstations which have been purpose built for graphics intensive workloads and applications.