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The technology space has rapidly evolved during the year 2021. IT infrastructures are gradually pivoting away from full on remote work towards a hybrid workforce model. From an IT management perspective, this means even more complexity.

Due to these very complexities, global research giant Gartner has declared Desktop as a Service (DaaS) a great value proposition. In this post, we will cover the highlights of DaaS Market Guide for the year 2021, which was recently released by Gartner.

Gartner’s 2021 Market Guide for Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Key DaaS Statistics from the 2021 Market Guide

To support a hybrid workforce for the long haul, especially without compromising on security or productivity, DaaS is featuring as the top pick for IT operations and infrastructure (O&I) leaders across the globe.

It is expected by Gartner that the Year on Year (YoY) growth rate of DaaS solutions in the year 2021 will be a whopping 68%. From 2021 to 2024, Gartner expects the global DaaS market to record a mind boggling growth of nearly 253%.

In the year 2021, nearly 30% of all the deployed Virtual Desktops (VD) are based on the DaaS virtualization model. By the year 2024, it is forecast that the ratio of DaaS among all the globally deployed virtual desktops will attain a strong level of nearly 80%.

What this means in layman terms is that when it comes to desktop virtualization technologies, DaaS will comfortably surpass Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) models by the year 2024. This switch from VDI to DaaS will trigger further hike in DaaS demand.

The overwhelming 72% of IT leaders which became a part of Gartner’s DaaS market guide for 2021 will increase their investment in Desktop as a Service (DaaS) over the next twenty four months or so. This will further consolidate the global demand for DaaS.

Key Differentiators for DaaS Providers

Gartner also takes a deeper dive into some of the most notable differentiating factors for the DaaS providers out there, dinCloud being one of them.

Reliable and Customizable Solutions

Enterprises that will be fully moving over to DaaS will require a reliable DaaS provider like dinCloud by their side. This theme continues further to incorporate the element of customizability when it comes to DaaS solutions, as enterprise needs can vary.

Strong Data Center Footprint

In the case of DaaS, all the heavy lifting is done by the DaaS provider’s data centers. So, it is imperative that the DaaS provider you choose must have a large footprint of data centers that come with strong physical and cyber security controls as well as protocols.

Ease of Management

As the use of DaaS proliferates, ease of management will become a key differentiator for DaaS providers. Leading DaaS provider dinCloud has a fully indigenous cloud orchestration portal called dinManage. This intuitive portal gives you full visibility and control.

Competitive and Transparent Pricing

Now, DaaS solutions will be making up a large part of the total spending on IT infrastructures. So, pricing also becomes an important factor. Leading DaaS provider dinCloud has a fully transparent, flat rate pricing model for its DaaS solutions.

Customer Support

With the use of DaaS on the rise, we may see in-house IT teams shrink. So, it is imperative that your DaaS provider offers timely and high quality customer support at every step of the migration journey to DaaS, and much beyond that.


Gartner’s 2021 Market Guide for Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions makes a strong case for DaaS solutions when it comes to IT infrastructure and operations decisions over the coming weeks and months.

However, the choice of the right DaaS provider still remains in the hands of the enterprises themselves, which are making their journey to the Cloud. Contact dinCloud for DaaS solutions which are secure, robust and transparently priced.