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DinManage 5.0 Simplifies Cloud Deployment: Storage, Servers, Desktops

The cloud needs a good administrative assistant – and now it has one: dinManage 5.0.

dinmanage admin

Image #1:  New dinManage offers full control of enterprise resources: storage, servers and desktops.

dinCloud offers a full suite of enterprise offerings for cloud – including serversstorage and desktops.  The key now is how enterprises can arrange these offerings, along with the network and security parameters as needed.

The Cloud Needs Transparency, Ease-Of-Use and Security

dinCloud listens to its customers. They complained that tools from other vendors (and provided feedback on past dinCloud releases) need improvements in transparency, ease-of-use and security. The key is these could NOT be created in absence of the other features.

dinCloud took up the challenge and delivered: dinManage 5.0 (See image #2).

Image #2:  dinManage 5.0 puts all of dinCloud’s cloud services (storage, servers, desktops and security) at your fingertips, the dinCloud customer.

dinManage 5.0:  Transparency

One of the key differentiators of dinManage is FULL transparency into all of the features of the customers’ VPC in dinCloud’s hosted environment. This includes:

  • Dedicated Virtual Firewalls/Routers
  • IP addressing on all components
  • DNS Management
  • Dedicated VPNs per customer
  • IP Reputation logs on both internal and external traffic

The new 5.0 Features include:

The ‘My Security’ Portal

1. The ability to ‘Enable’ or ‘Disable’ all, or individual Firewall rules with the single click of a button

2. The ability to receive traffic on multiple ports (by separating them with ‘Commas’), or port ranges (using hyphens, eg. 20-30), or both, as required

3. The ability to internally map one port to another

4. The ability to allow traffic from ‘All’ IP’s/Subnet’s, or from a specific IP or Subnet, as required

The ‘My HVDs’ and ‘My Servers’ Pages

1.       The enhanced ability to ‘Search’ virtual machines using any part of their name or creation date

2.       The ability to ‘Sort’ virtual machines, by their ‘Name’, ‘Specifications’, ‘Creation Date’, and ‘Network, Status’

3.       The ability to ‘Restart’ virtual machines from the portal

dinManage 5.0:  Ease-of-Use

Transparency comes with the challenge of user friendly. This is what the dinCloud engineers have taken as their challenge – and have delivered in dinManage 5.0

The new 5.0 Features include:

The ‘Dashboard’

1.       The ability to view a complete summary of the entire environment at a single glance

2.       Easy access to all ‘Public’ and ‘Private’ documents

The ‘Product & Services’ Menu Button

1.       The ability to switch over to the ‘Ordering Page’ of any dinCloud service from anywhere on the site

The ‘Cart’ Menu Button

1.       The ability to view the quantity of ordered services in the cart, along with their list, from anywhere on the site

dinManage 5.0:  Security

The new 5.0 Features include:

The ‘Two Factor Authentication’ Policy

1.       Obligatory dinManage user authentication through ‘Token Numbers’ sent via email, call, or SMS at each login

The ‘Active Directory’ Module enhancement

1.       The ability to define an on-premise active directory in dinManage

2.       The ability to join virtual machines hosted in dinCloud’s infrastructure to an external on-premise domain over VPN tunnel.

Contact us – and we’ll give you a demo! All the best! Cloud on!