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dinStorage D3: An Amazon API-compatible S3 cloud storage alternative

Commercial programs like VEEAM, Symantec, Cyberduck (FREE) and other programs which backup physical, virtual servers & files leverage S3 compatible protocol in their software (additional licensing fees per vendor may apply).
Dropbox, Bitcasa, StoreGrid, Jumpshare, SyncBlaze, Zmanda, Ubuntu One, and many others are some of the many online backup and synchronization services that use S3 compatible protocol as their storage and transfer facility. Minecraft hosts game updates and player skins on S3 compatible servers.  Tumblr, Formspring, Pinterest, and Posterous images are hosted on S3 compatible servers.

Backup Without Limits, Without Transfer Fees

At 15 cents per GB per month and NO TRANSFER FEES, dinCloud is hands down the most cost effective D3, an Amazon S3 API-compatible cloud storage alternative, solution on the market today.   Amazon’s offering is a lot higher due to charging for every single byte of data transferring out of their Cloud.  Microsoft is offering Cloud storage at 50 cents per GB per month.

Speeds & Feeds To Fit Your Needs

You can leverage cloud storage with dinCloud’s D3 servers:
  • Via the Internet
  • Via dinTransport at up to 1gbps
  • Via select Equinix datacenters (LA3, CH3, etc.) on a direct 10/100/1000/10g link

Why dinTransport?

  • A D3 offering that can be done via Internet (public) or dinTransport (private) links
  • We store 3 copies of your data; many providers store only 1 or 2 copies
  • We encrypt all data
  • Low rates, no transfer fees, channel of partners to help you kickstart your DR or backup project