Performance with No Equal

webHVD is dinCloud’s latest generation virtual desktop – and it has no equals.  It is the only virtual desktop in the world that can surf NetFlix. Beyond that, it’s superior ability to handle video and fast input/output means that YouTube, Office 2013, and many other demanding applications work flawlessly with lightning fast agility. And unlike a regular desktop, there is no limit to the amount of cpu, memory or disk that you can add – all on demand within minutes via dinManage! So, if you get the knack for an extra 40 CPU’s, 512GB memory and 50TB of disk? No problem! It’s the desktop a college student can afford yet billionaires enjoy.

Anything Insecure, isn’t Usable

webHVD is our most secure offering. We snapshot our entire cloud 1 x day for 10 x days rolling. Who backs up their desktop/laptop that regularly?!  All data on our new object oriented storage systems is encrypted. webHVD leverages Google Cloud Print so that network, local and even friends printers can be easily used & shared.  Microsoft Essentials and other tools keep the desktop secure from viruses. Last but not least, all traffic in/out of webHVD to our multi-homed multi-gigabit Internet access passes through our IP Reputation Filtering (updated every 20 minutes) which keeps out botnets, malware and other attackers.

Award Winning, Easy to Use

dinCloud’s Desktop as a Service won TMC’s Cloud Computing Magazine Desktop-As-A-Service (DAAS) award for 2014 and was first place in May 2012’s Network World Magazine DAAS shootout and December 2012’s Up-start Cloud Computing Conference. We consistently beat out VMware, Citrix, Virtual Bridges, MokaFive, Oracle VDI, and others. webHVD is powered by HTML5 as an extension to Google Chrome. No messy client software to install or update!   Setup is as easy as drag, drop, go!

Why webHVD Standard?

  • Easy click & install architecture – no client s/w to confuse users with
  • Works on MAC OSX, Windows (except RT), Android,  Linux, Chromebook, and Chrome browser
  • High resolution, agile response times, out surfs & outperforms other VDI solutions
  • Can be provisioned or even upgraded within minutes via
  • Leverage your onsite Active Directory or assign virtual desktops to complete strangers
  •  No security gateways or connection brokers to install — it’s all built into dinManage, your Cloud portal!