Do YOU know the difference? Let’s look at the generic term “hosted virtual desktop”. What does that really mean? When looking for a “virtual hosted desktop” solution, do you know what to look for? Which of the myriad of choices will be the right fit for your business needs? Are you aware that there are differences between “virtual hosted desktops”, but do you know what those differences are? Price points vary and “virtual hosted desktop” providers are a little “close to the vest” on what those differences are.

Most “hosted virtual desktop” service providers refer a Window 7 look and feel? If it does, chances are pretty good that what you’re getting is a Windows Server Terminal Services session with a Windows 7 “look and feel”, not a true Windows 7 hosted desktop. The question then becomes: which solution is optimized to address my company’s desktop needs? Are you looking for a solution where the system state must be preserved? What about advanced rights (like ability to download plug-ins, updates, USB settings, wallpapers)? Is user isolation an issue? The typical RDS or TS session will not address these issues. A true Windows 7 hosted virtual desktop, like dinHVD, can address these needs.

It’s important to understand what your organization’s needs are, and look for a service provider that understands both offerings.

The wrong choice could be costly and painful.

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