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As the adverse effects of Covid-19 pandemic continue to sweep across the globe, millions of organizations and businesses are scrambling for remote work solutions. However, planning any in house infrastructure change is next to impossible in these times.

dinCloud, Your Turnkey Cloud Provider Amidst Covid-19

One more challenge that businesses are having to contend with is the cyber security of any remote connectivity solution they employ. With every organization racing against time, establishing a remote work solution takes priority, often at the cost of data security.

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While this approach may seem beneficial in the immediate context, it can be severely detrimental for mid to long term organizational goals. With cyber attacks touching new highs amidst Covid-19, cyber security is an area you simply can’t put on the backburner.

The Cloud; Your Best Business Continuity Bet

As organizations explore possible solutions for their remote work needs, a host of options are on the table. However, given the unique limitations that this crisis has imposed, the cloud is perhaps your best bet under the given circumstances.

Firstly, you will find it nearly impossible to procure, deploy, configure and stress test any in house hardware that can potentially cater to your remote connectivity needs. Even if deployed, securing this architecture from external threats will pose new challenges.

Secondly, Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) are perhaps at the most disadvantage. They not only lack the in house technical prowess to accomplish the above tasks, but also find themselves “stuck between a rock and hard place” when it comes to required finances.

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Contemplating the Post Covid-19 Scenario

As we write this post, it is next to impossible to even vaguely visualize how the post Covid-19 world would look like. We are still in the middle of a heated intellectual debate that this novel Corona Virus is here for the long haul and may become a recurring phenomenon.

Under these circumstances, it becomes very difficult for organizations to lock in on any one particular Business Continuity (BC) solution. So, amidst such a high level of uncertainty, it is otherwise a prudent option to go for a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud.

Business Continuity with dinCloud

The highly reliable, secure and robust cloud services offered by premier Cloud Service Provider (CSP) dinCloud are your best bet to establish remote work initiatives. The instant scalability of our cloud services gives you absolute freedom, both now and in the future.

dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops – dinHVD

This is our value driven proposition that is ideal for businesses that want to execute basic computing and processing workloads remotely over the cloud. Your employees will securely login to our dinHVD and seamlessly execute tasks from the safety of their homes.

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dinCloud WFH DaaS Services

This is our flagship Desktop as a Service solution we also call dinDaaS. It is a highly capable, fully Virtualized Desktop (dinDaaS) that delivers a seamless Windows 10 experience straight from one of our strategically placed global data centers.

For graphics and processing intensive workloads, you can seamlessly integrate fully virtualized enterprise productivity applications into dinCloud’s DaaS solution. Our licensed and patched apps ensure your employees enjoy a seamless end user experience.

Work from Home (WFH) with dinCloud

dinCloud offers a wide array of reliable, secure and robust cloud hosted solutions that include fully virtualized Desktops, Servers, Databases and Disaster Recovery support. With dinCloud’s cloud architecture, you ensure both remote productivity and employee safety.

Covid-19 and dinCloud

Well before the situation around Covid-19 escalated to become a global crisis, dinCloud’s team of cloud professionals was fully cognizant that it could only serve existing and new customers if it first attained full remote work capability.

To ensure the safety of its cloud professionals and seamless delivery of its cloud services, dinCloud has been remote work capable weeks in advance of the disease attaining the status of a global pandemic.

Contact Us for your organization’s remote productivity and Work from Home needs. Our team will craft the best Business Continuity (BC) solution for your specific needs.