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Looking for a best of breed Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offering? We rolled out the first HTML5 cloud hosted virtual desktop client in 2014 as an alternative deployment model to dinHVD, our award winning hosted virtual desktop offering. This product, dinDaaS, is easy to deploy and manage, delivers the same level of security and control that customers have come to expect from dinCloud. Read on to learn more.

What is Desktop as a Service (DaaS) by dinCloud?

With our DaaS offering, we host virtualized desktops “as a service” in the cloud. Each customer accesses their desktop via a secure virtual private data center.

Our HTML5 DaaS product allows users to securely access their data and applications via Google Chrome. Think of it as your entire workspace (desktop, wallpaper, applications, and data) hosted in the cloud and accessible securely from several devices. The ultimate in portability!

Desktop As A Service - Cloud Orchestration - dinCloud

How it Works

dinCloud’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offering is accessible through any Chrome browser, with no downloads or software installations required. dinCloud’s virtual desktops can be deployed on multiple devices and are compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.

Getting set up with DaaS from dinCloud is quick and easy. Users simply grab the dinDaaS extension from Google’s web store. After that, your DaaS is ready to use and can be accessed from any Chrome compatible endpoint.

dinDaaS Log In Tutorial
Quick Deployment with DaaS from dinCloud

Quick Deployment with DaaS from dinCloud

DaaS from dinCloud doesn’t require additional security gateways or a connection broker. Deployment and provisioning is automated, making it quick and easy to roll out within an organization. Customers maintain full control to assign, unassign, or reassign access to a DaaS so they can adjust their deployment at any time.

dinCloud’s DaaS Compatibility

dinCloud’s DaaS Compatibility

DaaS from dinCloud is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems. No client installs are required to access our DaaS, which users log in to via their Google Chrome browser. Additionally, our DaaS facilitates network printing and scanning as well as local USB printing with Google Cloud Print.

How to Migrate to a DaaS Solution

How to Migrate to a DaaS Solution

Contact us today for additional information about dinDaaS or go to dinManage, our cloud provisioning platform, where you can spin up DaaS from dinCloud.

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DaaS offers organizations several benefits, based on the use case. At a high level, DaaS is:

  • Quicker to deploy than traditional desktops
  • Turn-key as opposed to on-premise VDI
  • Easier to deploy than VDI
  • Flexible based on business needs and scaling
  • Lower cost to maintain

Anywhere, Anytime Benefits with Desktop as a Service

Our HTML5 powered virtual desktops allow users to access a digital workstation via any Google Chrome device. Our DaaS takes mere minutes to deploy, as our clientless desktop does not require software installations or downloads. Users simply install a Google Chrome extension and they are up and running.

Mobility Benefits of Desktop as a Service

As many businesses move to a cloud-centric delivery model, DaaS provides a more agile way to support mobility. DaaS allows you to support modern workplace initiatives such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobility, which are increasingly common and central to talent recruitment and retention.

Lower Costs with a DaaS Solution

Our Desktop as a Service is a lower total cost of ownership compared to on premise VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) or even traditional desktop fleet management. Pay per user, per month with no capital expenditures. See our Why dinCloud page for additional information and common workloads.

Why dinCloud

DaaS (Desktop as a Service) was the original foundation for dinCloud (desktops in the cloud). So we’ve been doing a lot of R&D on your behalf, spending countless dollars and time to identify the backend infrastructure and the software that enables a customer to have the best DaaS experience. Here’s a few reasons you should consider dinCloud for DaaS:

Turn-key DaaS from dinCloud

Turn-key DaaS from dinCloud

DaaS is easier to maintain than on-premise VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure). We handle upgrades and maintenance as well as support of the entire backend infrastructure – the servers, networking, storage and data center facility that powers DaaS. It’s like moving into a full-service building – just walk in and start enjoying.

Scalability with DaaS from dinCloud

Scalability with DaaS from dinCloud

Because you are using a cloud service provider, dinCloud, you can scale out and scale up as your requirements grow. And of course, you can also de-provision should that need arise. We make it easy for your administrators to manage increasing desktops and also the resources within those desktops such as how much computing power or memory should be allocated to a particular desktop. And our pay as you go model ensures your monthly bill remains fixed based on your expectations with our flat-rate billing philosophy.

You keep Control of Your DaaS

You keep Control of Your DaaS

With dinCloud’s desktop as service, dinDaaS, you maintain control and can centrally manage your resources through dinManage, our cloud orchestration portal. You can add desktops, assign them to users, disable desktops, and have complete administrative control.

Added DaaS Security

Added DaaS Security

Multiple security measures are inherent to Desktop as a Service architecture. DaaS require two factor authentication. And, like all dinCloud services, our DaaS are hosted out of SSAE 16 compliant data centers, which are redundant and geographically dispersed. Additional measures including infrastructure-level snapshots, IP reputation filtering, and dedicated firewalls. We have physical security by using Tier 3+ data centers from Equinix (a public company and leader in data center facilities) and have layers of virtual security.

What’s Included

dinDaaS is our “clientless” Hosted Virtual Desktop application – meaning no software downloads are required. Our DaaS solution loads as an “extension” through Google Chrome. It is very secure, supports 1 monitor, no USB or local print redirection (network printing only) and works on any Windows platform (except Windows RT), MAC OSX, Linux, or Google Chromebook device. Our standard DaaS configurations are detailed below, but can be customized in dinManage, our cloud orchestration portal.

Each Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a personalized workspace for an individual user. This provides a persistent Windows desktop experience and personalized settings, applications, and documents and files.

Windows desktop experience is powered by the same architecture as Windows 7 with enhanced capabilities for upgrading Memory and CPU processing power.

All dinDaaS configurations run in a virtual private data center that is isolated for the customer through security layers and software defined networking.

You also get:

  • Dedicated firewall + public IP (minimum 1, extra fee applies)
  • Internet, Security, P2P VPN tunnel to your existing site
  • Microsoft Active Directory Server (extra fee applies)
  • Login from a Chrome browser on Mac, PC, Android
  • Technical Support
  • Optional Professional services include: VPN setup support, Active-Directory setup support, desktop image template setup (extra fee applies)
  • Services: Need Microsoft expertise to help you migrate to the cloud? We have a network of service providers we work with that are familiar with dinCloud’s infrastructure, cloud services, and of course Microsoft products. Just ask us and you can also purchase those services through dinCloud.


Our Desktop as a Service offering is billed on a per user, per month basis. Pay only for what you use with no hidden fees.
We’ve packaged dinDaaS according to common workloads but you can customize memory, CPU and DISK in dinManage, our cloud orchestration portal.

Desktop as a Service Pricing

dinDaaS Pro
dindaas Ultra
dinsaas Premier

You can also contact us for a custom quote.

What’s Next?

If you’re ready to move forward with dinApp, please see a demorequest info, or get a quote.