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The modern workspace is evolving at a rapid pace and with it, the technologies that drive productivity of your organization. A major shift in workplace trends is remote work, commonly referred to as Work from Home (WFH).

DaaS by dinCloud – A Life Changing Technology for Your Business

Although employees want WFH more than ever, only a few organizations are technologically equipped to make this happen. In a conventional workplace centric environment, there are many hurdles and challenges you have to overcome.

A Gallup survey report found that nearly 43% of the American workforce works remotely, which is a sizable number.  Small and Medium businesses (SMB) are the most handicapped due to many constraints. Here are the top 3 challenges for SMBs:-

Data Security

If your employees WFH, they take along organizational data with them. This makes securing each end point device individually an administrative nightmare.

Capital Requirements

Most SMBs have neither the resources, nor the expertise to set up costly data centers in house. This infrastructure also adds to their operational costs.

Financial Constraints

No one is prepared to lend a large sum of money to new businesses, considering the higher likelihood of failure. You can’t support a large IT infrastructure under financial constraints.

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The Answer – Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Amidst the above limiting factors, Desktop as a Service or DaaS is the technology that has all the answers to both SMBs as well as large corporations with global scale operations. Let’s discuss how DaaS works.

How DaaS Works?

In DaaS, you can provision hundreds or thousands of Virtual Desktops (VD) from a third party Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud. Your VD works exactly in the same way as would your conventional laptop or PC, with the difference that it exists in the cloud.

dinCloud, a premier Cloud Service Provider, houses your Virtual Desktops in one of its vast global data centers. You can access your VD round the clock, seven days a week using multiple login devices such as smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

The device that your employees use to access dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktop (dinHVD) will serve just as a user interface. None of your organizational data will actually be on the login device, rather all your data will be securely stored in our data centers.

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dinManage – Your DaaS Management Portal

At dinCloud, we strongly believe in empowering our valuable users. With this goal in mind, we have designed a state of the art cloud management portal we call dinManage. This is your unified platform for controlling all key facets of our cloud services.

Using our dinManage portal, you will be able to scale your dinHVDs, manage user access and rights, application assignment, user authentication and much more. dinManage will give you a bird’s eye view of your current DaaS deployment in real time.

Benefits of DaaS

These are some of the compelling benefits of DaaS that you should consider for your organizational needs as well:-


Unlike your regular laptops and desktops that keep crashing or getting corrupted, dinCloud’s HVDs offer a seamless experience by delivering reliable computing.


You don’t need to carry along your PC everywhere. Our HVDs can be accessed from multiple devices, running on various operating systems. All you need is the internet.


dinHVD is a very secure computing solution as no organizational data is stored on end point devices. Even if such a device is lost or stolen, you don’t risk losing valuable data.

Cyber Security

dinCloud employs a multi pronged approach to cyber security by deploying virtual firewalls, user authentication, malware protection, intrusion detection and more to protect data.


With dinHVD, the productivity of your employees extends far beyond the workspace. They can remain fully productive from office, home or even while travelling.


You can scale your DaaS solution from dinCloud virtually in real time, so as to bring it in line with your fluctuating workloads. This comes in really handy in seasonal trends.

Cost Cutting

With no responsibility for maintaining costly hardware on site, you enjoy massive cost savings in both capital as well as IT related operating expenses.

Remote Workforce

With dinHVD, you can easily support a fully remote workforce that may be located in another corner of the globe. DaaS is also an ideal solution if you are expanding.

Pay as you Use

DaaS pricing model is especially suited to small and medium businesses. dinCloud offers its HVDs at an unbeatable, flat rate pricing model in which you pay only for what you use.

DaaS and Productivity – The Perfect Blend

The DaaS solution by dinCloud is highly geared towards productivity. To support your advanced productivity needs, our dinHVD comes equipped with fully virtualized, licensed and patched applications as well as enterprise grade software.

We have seamlessly integrated these productivity apps into our Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops so that once you login to our Virtual Desktop, you don’t have to look any further. Licensed and patched productivity apps ensure you enjoy a seamless user experience.

Usage Cases for dinHVD

Now that we have given a detailed overview of how DaaS works and functions, let’s cover a few common usage scenarios where it can be especially beneficial:-


Many businesses these days experience seasonality in demand for their products or services. This means your workforce needs will also vary with business cycles. You can scale your DaaS solution up or down instantly to match it with varying needs.

Global Operations

dinHVD is an ideal solution if you have a geographically dispersed workforce. You can onboard new employees, thousands of miles away in a matter of minutes. DaaS delivers a unified user experience to all your employees, which improves coordination.

Round the Clock Productivity

With a DaaS solution like dinHVD, you can ensure round the clock productivity by empowering employees to work from anywhere, at any time when they feel most productive. With DaaS, your productivity is independent of time and space constraints.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

M&As are a common occurrence these days. While they garner a lot of media hype on the front end, M&As are an administrative nightmare. With a DaaS solution such as dinHVD, you can shift your critical workloads to the cloud while you chalk out other modalities.

Productivity in Disruptive Events

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods and pandemics can severely limit your organization’s ability to maintain operations from the workplace. With DaaS, you can maintain productivity even in the wake of most unforeseen disruptive events.

Cost Cutting

Most small and medium businesses are low on capital as well as cash flows. They simply cannot afford to set up and support in house data centers and related IT hardware. With DaaS, all the infrastructure is fully managed by your CSP, like dinCloud.

Administrative Overheads

Most businesses struggle with keeping their costs at a minimal level. With DaaS, you not only save on expenses of capital nature, you also reduce your administrative overheads. You don’t need a large team of IT personnel and hundreds of physical PCs anymore.

DaaS – The One Size fits All Solution

In broad terms, DaaS can be deemed as a universal computing and productivity solution for businesses, regardless of their size or industry they serve. DaaS solutions are so flexible and versatile in their inherent nature that there is always one that’s right for your needs.

DaaS and Business Continuity (BC)

Our DaaS solution can prove to be the cornerstone of your business continuity needs. Take the example of the ensuing Covid-19 pandemic that has posed serious business continuity challenges for millions of businesses across the globe.

With our dinHVD, you can fully support your workforce remotely so that all your critical business operations can proceed uninterrupted, even when more than half the world’s businesses have lost the ability to continue operations or serve customers.


The reliable, secure and robust DaaS solutions by dinCloud can prove to be a great asset for your organization, regardless of its size or relevant industry. Our dinHVDs will keep your business up and running in almost all challenging environments.