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Enterprises are preparing themselves for the post pandemic transition of the workplace. The future of workplaces will vary with each individual organization. It appears that majority of the enterprises will opt for a hybrid workforce model in the short term.

The Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Market On Growth Trajectory till 2026

Recently, a study on the global Desktop as a Service (DaaS) market was released by “ReportsGo”. The research takes into account the evolution of the workplaces when the pandemic struck and how the workplace will be reshaped going forward.

According to the report, the global DaaS market is expected to maintain a strong growth trajectory. This strong growth momentum may continue as late as the year 2026, which is good news for the Cloud Computing industry in general and DaaS providers in particular.

The report notes the massive disruption to global supply chains as a direct consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. This imposed severe limitations on enterprises that wanted to scale up their in-house IT infrastructures for remote work environments.

Amidst all this chaos and uncertainty, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) emerged as a very attractive proposition for enterprises that wanted secure and reliable remote work environments. As a result, there was a massive uptick in the demand for DaaS.

During the year 2020, it is estimated that the global DaaS market exhibited a phenomenal Year on Year (YoY) growth rate of over 95%. Although the growth of DaaS during 2021 would be lesser than this, the overall growth will still remain strong.

The report highlights the preparedness of top DaaS providers like dinCloud, which were able to cater to the sudden spike in the demand for DaaS solutions. This could only be made possible by proper planning and execution of cloud infrastructure scaling.

From the year 2020 till now, the cyber space has been quite hostile in terms of cyber attacks. Cyber security companies have reported a major spike in ransomware attacks, as some enterprises resorted to poorly secured, makeshift remote work environments.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) providers like dinCloud, on the other hand, were able to not only entertain the sudden surge in demand for their DaaS solutions, but were also able to maintain a robust cyber security posture.

The multi layered security of leading DaaS providers like dinCloud proved more than adequate to counter the massive surge in the number, scope and complexity of cyber attacks. This was yet another factor that resulted in the high demand for DaaS solutions.

According to the report, the strong demand for DaaS solutions will continue, going forward as well. The major reason for this trend is that DaaS is an equally effective platform for Work from Home, Work from Office or Hybrid work models.

The versatility, flexibility, scalability and accessibility of DaaS solutions such as dinWorkspaces make them ideal for the future of the workplace, which is Work from Anywhere (WFX). DaaS is giving employees seamless access to productivity resources.

According to the report, DaaS has proved a robust and reliable platform for processing intensive workloads as well, which include graphics processing etc. The Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops by dinCloud support Nvidia GPUs for graphics intensive workloads.


The report concludes that the global demand for DaaS solutions will remain strong, at least till the year 2026. Although it is a bit difficult to see this far into the future, we can certainly expect a strong demand for DaaS solutions over the coming couple of years.

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