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In the present circumstances, remote work or working from home is the new normal. Initially, most of us expected this to be a stop gap arrangement but gradually, this is turning out to be a working model for the long haul.

Why Ease of Adoption is Vital for Remote Work Solutions?

As uncertainty around the Covid-19 pandemic is very much there, remote work may be here to stay for long and some experts even believe this might become a normal practice even when we have gotten past the present global crisis.

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In the current circumstances, millions of offices are either closed by government orders or it’s too risky to head back to the workplace. In such a situation, the only viable alternative for businesses is setting up a remote work platform.

Characteristics of a Good Remote Platform

While the wish list for any remote work platform can be limitless, let’s focus on the bare minimum for now. Some of the most defining aspects of any remote productivity platform are reliability, scalability and security.

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Why Reliability is Important?

This is not your ordinary work from home drill in which a handful of your total workforce is working remotely. Here, we are talking of your entire workforce, all at the same time. For this, you surely need a platform that’s robust and reliable.

Scalability of Remote Work Platform

In these uncertain times, no one would feel comfortable in making mid to long term financial commitments. The inclination would be more on the conservative and flexible side. So, you need a platform that can scale up or down as your needs change.

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Importance of Security

These are some of the “best” times for cyber criminals who are wreaking havoc across the cyber space. With most remote work solutions deployed on emergency basis, such platforms and solutions are highly prone to cyber security risks.

Why Choose the Cloud for Remote Work?

Cloud Computing has been around for a while now, but the way it has delivered as an enabler for remote work is absolutely phenomenal. The high quality solutions offered by Cloud Provider dinCloud in the form of dinHVD tick all the right boxes.

dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktop delivers a fully virtualized Windows 10 desktop experience to remote users. All your remote employees would need is a login device (tablet, laptop or desktop), a browser and an internet connection.

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Why Choose dinCloud for Remote Work?

dinHVDs are maintained over state of the art global data centers of dinCloud. To provide a robust fail safe mechanism for data, these multiple data centers are interconnected through highly secure and efficient gateways.

This interconnectivity acts as a built-in mechanism for backups, load management and disaster recovery (DR) in case of any unforeseen incident. dinCloud’s data centers are certified for many international standards related to security of data.

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Remote Work Trend Over the Years

The trend of remote work is constantly rising, both globally as well as across USA. In 2018, 36 million employees in USA did some of their work related tasks at home. This insight was revealed by the American Time Use Survey.

If we compare this figure from the situation in year 2003, there has been an increase of 19% in the trend for remote work. Our of these 36 million employees, working remotely was a part of the job for nearly 5 million, thus making it a job requirement.

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Why is Ease of Onboarding Important?

These are indeed extraordinary times. With most offices shut down, the task of making a workforce remote work ready becomes even more challenging. The ease of onboarding is yet another area where cloud based productivity solutions depict strong value.

Even if you have a powerful remote work tool at hand, it would never be able to deliver the expected outcomes if your workforce does not acclimatize with it well. With the cloud, your onboarding process is nearly seamless and carries no complexity.

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In most cases, your workforce will be able to login to their Remote Desktops (dinHVD) from their existing multiple home devices such as tablet, laptop or desktop PC. You don’t need any high spec hardware as dinCloud infrastructure does all the processing for you.

This ease of onboarding process is critical for the success of any remote work platform that’s adopted in the current scenario. Your employees can be fully up and running in a matter days at the most, if not hours with no additional hardware required.

Quality of Customer Support

Whether it’s your IT professionals or employees, the quality of customer support they receive from the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) will be critical for success. dinCloud has a dedicated team of cloud care professionals who offer 24/7/365 support.

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As this support is available over multiple communication channels, our valuable cloud users can choose the support medium they feel is most effective for them. This highest quality customer support reduces on-boarding time and increases cloud user satisfaction.


Remote work is a new reality that’s here to stay and organizations will have to take it seriously for both short term goals as well as long term sustainability. The cloud is a highly suited ecosystem for supporting a remote workforce in the short and long term.

If you are looking for a remote productivity platform for your workforce which is reliable, secure and instantly scalable, you need to look no further than dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD). A move to dinHVDs could be one of your best business decisions.

In case you have any questions or clarifications about our cloud hosted solutions, feel free to Contact Us.