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Cloud Computing is one of those technologies that has never looked back ever since its inception. Cloud powered solutions and services have found wide applicability across many industries. Today, cloud solutions are used by entities of all sizes.

What Role Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) Have in Cloud Computing?

What is Artificial Intelligence or AI?

In the simplest terms, we can regard AI as any intelligent system that has been trained to draw useful insights from data. Over time, AI can be improved and evolved into a powerful solution that is quick, accurate as well as beneficial.

However, to fully harness the potential of AI, you need a few underlying resources, and those too in abundance. At the heart of any AI based algorithm lies vast amounts of data that’s also accurate and free from any major anomalies.

Even if you do manage a vast repository of data for your AI based system, how and where will you store it? Well, this is one area where the limitless storage capacity of cloud providers (CSP) like dinCloud comes into the picture.

Then, you need to process this data to extract those actionable insights that will form the very basis of any AI based tool or solution. To process and manage such vast amounts of data, you need access to tremendous computing power.

Yet again, the immense processing muscle offered by powerful data centers of cloud providers like dinCloud comes in really handy. You can process vast amounts of data by leveraging the cloud infrastructure of service providers like dinCloud.

The End Results of Artificial Intelligence

Fact of the matter is, AI is more of a journey rather than destination. As your underlying dataset improves and you keep honing your algorithms, your AI solution keeps evolving into a better version of what it was capable of doing before.

A well orchestrated AI solution can work wonders due to its ability to process vast amounts of data and extract valuable insights in no time. The end results of AI can be implemented in many use cases such as medicine, health, finance, insurance and much more.

How Can AI Play a Role in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing solutions are highly complex architectures involving both hardware and software resources at the back end. A single Cloud Service Provider (CSP) may be serving hundreds or even thousands of enterprises simultaneously.

Within each organization, there may be hundreds or even thousands of Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVDs) that have been provisioned. Cloud providers (CSP) like dinCloud have to intricately manage their computing resources to serve all cloud users well.

Any lag in the cloud infrastructure will adversely affect end user experience (UX) and this is not good news for cloud providers. It is in areas like this that Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms detect and predict usage patterns of cloud users.

In this way, cloud providers will be in a much better position to manage their cloud resources beforehand and deliver the exceptional user experience that’s promised to users when they transition to the cloud.

AI and Cloud Security

Cyber security is yet another area where AI can play a very pivotal role. There is a lot of traffic that moves to and fro between cloud users and the Cloud Service Provider (CSP). In most cases, cyber miscreants tend to analyze this traffic for any vulnerabilities.

AI powered network security tools can be deployed across cloud infrastructures that constantly monitor and analyze network traffic. As soon as any anomaly is detected in the network traffic, the AI system raises a red flag and security protocols get triggered.

In this way, AI can be used to secure cloud infrastructures from cyber threats using a proactive approach. Cyber attacks would be “stopped in their tracks”, before they inflict any damage to data that’s stored over cloud service providers (CSPs).

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The possibilities when it comes to cloud solutions and AI are simply limitless. We have just started to realize the true potential of AI once it is augmented with the cloud. We can also say that both AI and cloud computing are technologies that complement each other.

By harnessing the power of the cloud, we can take AI to a whole new level in terms of both scope and applicability. In the near future, we are well poised to witness a synergetic relationship between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud computing.