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dinCloud is a leading Cloud Service Provide (CSP) with a global footprint of highly advanced data centers. It offers a wide array of cloud services, and dedicated Virtual Private Servers (VPS) is one of them.

What is a VPS?

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is a fully virtualized instance of a very powerful server. It is hosted in one of dinCloud’s data centers and can be securely accessed over the internet.

A high quality VPS provider like dinCloud can become the backbone of your online presence. You can host your valuable enterprise data, processes and applications over Cloud Hosted Virtual Private Servers.

Here is the great part of quality VPS solutions that are offered by dinCloud, as they are fully virtualized, there is complete segregation between the data stored over one VPS and any other VPS.

VPS provides you a cost effective and secure mechanism for hosting your data and processes over the cloud. Each VPS has a dedicated Operating System (OS), which can be customized to each organization’s individual needs.

You can further augment a dinCloud hosted VPS with specialized enterprise grade software or applications, depending on your use case. Now, let’s cover the major VPS providers out there.

VPS Providers

Below is a list of highly reliable and cost efficient Virtual Private Server providers for you to consider:-

List of Top VPS Providers for the Year 2020

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These are some of the leading Virtual Server Providers in the cloud market for the year 2020. Each of these VPS providers has a unique offering and based on your priorities, you can choose the best provider for your needs.

Features of Best VPS Solutions

What makes a good VPS solution is a question we get asked very commonly. Well, on top of this is the data center footprint of your VPS provider. As a bare minimum, your VPS provider must fully cover your target audience.

The other important consideration is the level of customizability that’s being offered. A good VPS provider will allow you to add on the applications and software you need to run your operations smoothly over the cloud.

One of the most important aspects of any VPS solution is the level of cyber security. As your data will be stored over the data centers of a third party Private Virtual Server provider like dinCloud, security is critical.

Top VPS Providers 2020

According to a recent study conducted on the world’s top Virtual Private Server providers, dinCloud emerged as the top service provider in the VPS market. Here is a list of some other notable VPS providers as well.

Why dinCloud Hosted VPS?

dinCloud has a dedicated network of data centers globally, which can serve your hosting needs across the globe. Being a cloud based VPS provider, dinCloud offers you instant scalability.

With instant scalability at your disposal, you can scale your cloud based VPS solution up or down as the business needs keep changing. You will pay only for the hosting resources you actually use, thus keeping costs in check.

dinCloud’s Virtual Private Servers are secured using a multi layered approach to cyber security. We employ a combination of security protocols such as encryption, endpoint protection and user authentication to name a few.

One of the main considerations for moving to a VPS is cost reduction. dinCloud offers its VPS at a flat rate monthly subscription model, which is excellent if you want to avoid any unwelcome surprises in your VPS bill.

dinCloud Virtual Private Servers – A Smart Choice

Whether you gauge dinCloud’s VPS offering in terms of costs, security or reliability, you will find that our solution outperforms the competition by a large margin. Host you data over dinCloud’s VPS and enjoy peace of mind.

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