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The modern workplace is evolving at a very fast pace. With an increasing trend of physically dispersed human resources, the physical boundaries of workplace are disappearing. To cater for this new trend, there has to be a solution that provides flexibility.

How dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops Benefit Your Enterprise

In this post, we will cover the benefits of Virtual Desktops, with particular focus on Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops, also referred to as Desktop as a Service or DaaS. dinCloud offers some of the most reliable, secure and robust cloud hosted virtual desktops (dinHVD).

Challenges of Traditional IT

Before we can truly appreciate the benefits of dinHVD, we first need to understand why a traditional IT infrastructure is simply inadequate to meet the needs of modern workflows. These challenges are from an administrative, financial and security stand point.

Administrative Challenges

If your enterprise relies on traditional, physical desktops or laptops, it is an administrative nightmare to manage hundreds or maybe thousands of individual devices. You need a large team of IT personnel to maintain all physical computers in optimal condition.

Financial Drawbacks

IT hardware has a very rapid rate of obsolescence. What this means in financial terms is that you’ll have to constantly keep investing large sums of money to procure the latest IT hardware. This will put a lot of strain on your entity’s valuable cash flows.

Cyber Security Risks

In a traditional IT setup, your enterprise data is stored on multiple end point devices. It is nearly impossible to secure each individual end point device with the latest security patches and tools that prevent cyber attacks or data theft.

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How dinHVDs Benefit Your Enterprise?

dinCloud is a premier Cloud Service Provider (CSP) that offers highly robust, secure and reliable Virtual Desktops (dinHVD). These HVDs are securely hosted in dinCloud’s global data centers. Here are a few core advantages of dinHVDs:-

Centralized Management

With dinHVDs, IT management becomes centralized and much easier to manage. Any changes you want to incorporate such as inducting a new enterprise software can be done at a single location instead of each end point device individually and all desktops can be managed via dinManage ( dinCloud’s cloud orchestration portal ).

Cost Savings

Once you transition to dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops, you no longer need to constantly upgrade your IT hardware. All the computing and processing will be executed over dinCloud’s state of the art architecture instead of your login deviceshence reducing CAPEX.

Exceptional Cyber Security

With dinHVDs, no data is stored on your end point devices. Instead, your data is safely stored in our data centers. dinCloud’s data centers comply with some of the leading international standards for physical and cyber security of data.

Instant Scalability

Unlike a traditional setup where you have to enhance hardware capacity to scale up, the number of dinHVDs can be increased literally in moment’s notice and the same applies to situations when you need to scale down.

Supporting Remote Workers

The trend of remote work is constantly on the rise. dinHVDs are an ideal fit if you want to support a remote workforce; as all your employees need to get up and running is a login device such as tablet, laptop or desktop and an internet connection.

Flexible Architecture

With dinHVDs, you enjoy a very flexible infrastructure. You can login to dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops from your office, home or any other location using multiple devices such as tablet, laptop or desktop. This ensures you can remain productive without any physical boundaries.

Coping With Seasonal Trends

Our Virtual Desktops enable you to effectively cope with seasonal trends in a very cost effective manner. When your workload increases, just provision more HVDs from dinCloud and retire them as soon as your demand spike ends. You will just pay for what you used.

Superior User Experience

Today’s workforce is very focused on end user experience. Employees demand access to the latest tools and solutions in the most efficient manner and dinCloud’s HVDs deliver just that experience. Employees have access to resources when, how and where they want.

Higher Employee Productivity

A positive user experience ultimately pays off in the form of higher employee productivity. This in turn improves organizational efficiency and sustainability over time. Satisfied employees mean less turnover rate and retention of high quality human capital.

Why Hosted Virtual Desktops by dinCloud?

Regardless of whether you analyze dinHVDs from an administrative, financial, security or productivity standpoint, the answer in all these cases is likely to be yes. dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops are the perfect match for the needs of modern enterprises.

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