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You probably saw the news, or worse yet, experienced that NetFlix wasn’t working on Christmas Eve 2012. This was a big deal because it involved NetFlix, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and it was on the one day where everyone is looking for some entertainment online.

Big Customers Get Attention

Typically, when you think of a company like NetFlix, you think of someone big and someone with quite a lot of influence. And then you look at a service provider like Amazon who is gargantuan. I once looked at a pricing grid, and I felt like it basically said that if you are not paying them $200,000 a MONTH, they don’t really want to talk to you.

The amazing thing is that they have great traction from very large companies. And so unfortunately, they are under a lot of scrutiny. I think they serve those large, big spending customers well for the most part. And I feel that is what they are good at – serving large companies that have teams of technical people that have the time to go through and understand how AWS, EC2, D3 and all these other technical components work.

But if you aren’t “NetFlix” – are you going to get a lot of attention of care from an “AWS”? For that matter, I see the same thing with Rackspace. This is a company that started out very early in the data center business, “before there was cloud”. But these guys are massive too – I imagine the typical customer could easily get lost in the account number based way of handling so many different customers.

All Our Customers Get Attention

We aren’t the kind of company that treats our customers as account numbers. This is a philosophy we adopted very early on call it “white glove treatment” or call it our commitment to “delivering a heavenly experience”.

We feel every customer is an early entrant to cloud, and every customer has different needs. So we work with our customers, our customers’ consultants and partners, to ensure that the migration to our cloud is fully supported by our technical and support teams – who go above and beyond to ensure the heavenly experience.

We’d love to have an opportunity to serve you, and to call you our customer (by your name).

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Article by Ali D., Chief Marketing Officer, dinCloud.