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Security is a hot topic when you talk about cloud. People sometimes have the view that they don’t trust the cloud with their data. Then you hear about numerous outages and you wonder, how reliable is the cloud…

GoDaddy Outage

While we think very highly of GoDaddy, and their aptitude for branding – you might be among the millions of unfortunate customers that faced either a complete outage of your website utilizing GoDaddy DNS services or your applications, such as Microsoft Outlook may not be connecting properly due to reliance on DNS hosted by GoDaddy.

Outage Trends

Lately, it seems like there have been a number of high profile outages. Whether it is the numerous outages at Amazon AWS, Google Apps, or this recent GoDaddy outage – one trend is that these are all very large infrastructures. With size comes attention. And with that attention, one must be vigilant.

Our Security Philosophy

It’s important for a customer to feel secure and to feel that their cloud provider is reliable. In general, most cloud providers are quite reliable especially when compared to an individual company running its own servers on-premise. For 90% of organizations that do not have an army of IT staff, managing and maintaining a server, application, and desktop infrastructure is challenging. A cloud service provider’s sole reason for existence is to support these customers – and as such, it is critical to have a much more reliable infrastructure – leveraged across economies of scale.

So when dinCloud launched, we had security at the forefront of our design and planning. In fact, this carried into our logo too. We made sure to have multiple layers of security – from partnering with the best data center provider for physical security and network redundancy, to choosing the best cloud technology to secure our infrastructure. And to take it a step further, we want to hand back control to our customers. Not just a control panel, but full control of the virtual private data center and command-line access into servers. After all, lack of control leads to insecurity – and that is counter to our philosophy.

Don’t Let GoDaddy’s Outage Scare You

We realize that outages like this can make a company apprehensive about the cloud. But we invite you to engage with us in conversation to talk through your concerns. We’ll give you our perspective, share our security capabilities, and let you decide if we are a good fit for your company. We are confident you’ll feel much more secure with dinCloud and our virtual private data center.

Article by Ali D., Chief Marketing Officer, dinCloud

For more information on our Cloud Security, please visit our Cloud Security page or request information to speak with a cloud specialist.