Improved Productivity and Agility

By removing the operating system requirement and enabling users to access their desktops from any internet enabled device, your workforce can achieve greater productivity. Weather and sick days are easier to manage as users can access their desktop regardless of where they are and remain accessible and productive. Not only will your workforce see greater productivity, but so will your IT staff as they are freed from the everyday maintenance of the end users device. All updates are installed to your virtual instance automatically, ensuring your desktops are functioning with the latest tools and security.

Reduced Cost & Maintenance

Hosted Virtual Desktops move all of the processing needs from the existing desktop to the cloud server, reducing the stress on your physical devices and extending the life of the hardware and enabling you to get more use out of your investment. Not only do you see reduced costs in CapEx but OpEx can be reduced by 30-50%. You can even realize additional savings by implementing BYOD devices, enabling your workforce to use the system they are familiar with.

Enhanced Security

DaaS solutions by dinCloud incorporate multiple layers of security, from physical layers to virtual layers. The data center is guarded by 24/7 live security personnel, access to the server is encrypted and top of the line firewall devices by Cisco secure the server from the core. dinCloud is serious about securing your data, and we have placed data security as the core of our offering. See more about our security protocols here.

Built-in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

DaaS provides instant disaster recovery and business continuity strategies because of the geo-redundant nature of the platform. By removing the data center from your physical location, the disasters that may be plaguing your location will not have an effect of your workforces ability to access their workspace. As long as they can access an internet connection, they can access their desktop.

Future Proof

Thanks to the subscription-based strategy of cloud solutions like DaaS, you can be assured that you will always have the most recent updates in features and functionality. Cloud technologies automatically provide any new updates in the software to the user. No expensive equipment to add or added cost to your monthly bill to pay for the new services. As the technology changes and grows and new features are added, you automatically receive those.


Get Blazing Fast

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