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Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Brings Technology, Innovation, and Customer Experience into Focus

Clarksville, TN – February 27, 2018dinCloud, a cloud platform for hosted workspaces and cloud infrastructure, today announced the appointment of Walid Elemary as Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO). Elemary will be responsible for defining the technical strategy for the company, encompassing all aspects of service delivery, including customer onboarding, customer success, engineering and the Network Operations Center (NOC), managed services, and software development. This combined organization allows dinCloud to innovate faster by giving technical teams direct access to customers during onboarding and support.

Elemary initially joined dinCloud in 2011 as vice president of engineering and product development, where he was responsible for dinCloud’s software development efforts, pre-sales engineering support, the development of critical customer tools and applications, and technical support for customers. Prior to dinCloud, he was director of software development of cloud services at a national IT reseller, responsible for product innovation.

Elemary’s earlier roles would eventually comprise his vast expertise as a software engineer. Initially starting at Innovent Systems, producer of the first Bluetooth chip-sets and HomeRF, Elemary later joined Broadcom where he helped integrate Innovent products and practices after the company’s acquisition.

Prior to that, Elemary helped architect the world’s largest “historical musical” archiving system for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, developing an online interactive ticketing system – a joint project with Ticketmaster to host online concerts for the Hollywood Bowl and Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Elemary also led the development of an online student registration and transcript system at Antioch University, and was a senior network and security engineer at Nexon America, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nexon Co., Ltd., South Korea’s largest online gaming company.

dinCloud Achievements

One of Elemary’s biggest achievements to date at dinCloud was the development of the company’s cloud orchestration platform, dinManage. Today, the platform is a massive product that connects with dinCloud’s backend infrastructure, ultimately helping customers rapidly migrate their infrastructure to dinCloud’s cloud. Putting control in the user’s hands, the easy-to-use console allows customers to manage their network and security parameters for their hosted workspaces and cloud infrastructure.

Other noteworthy accomplishments include the introduction of dinDaaS (dinCloud’s turnkey virtual desktop) to market, analytics and monitoring implementation into dinManage, and introducing various in-house cost effective engineering tools to manage the backend infrastructure.

Improving the Customer Experience

Immediately following dinCloud’s recent acquisition, Elemary reorganized company resources in order to support a seamless customer experience. By leveraging the existing customer service experience at Premier BPO, Walid and his team can now better assist customers right from the start of their engagement. For example, the onboarding team, known as the “Customer Success” team, kicks off the discovery to ensure the customer’s infrastructure and needs will be in line with expectations. From there, the customer success team continues to follow the adoption for 90 days, then hands over the account to the customer experience team, which is responsible for regular check-ins with customers and partners, acting as a liaison within dinCloud.

The engineering team is the backbone to the new customer success and experience teams at dinCloud, keeping an up-to-date knowledge base, augmented by a hands-on customer support team that is also available omni-channel should customers require additional support.

“Within weeks of this new team being put in place, we’ve been able to address customer questions faster than ever before, and customers are already sharing positive feedback,” said Elemary. “Additionally, we will continue developing and enhancing our efforts around the customer experience through a regular process-improvement assessment to make sure the customers’ migration to our cloud remains as seamless as possible and exceeds their expectations at every encounter.”

Aside from enhancing the customer experience, dinCloud has big plans for the company’s 2018 product roadmap.

“In the coming months, customers will be able to take advantage of a ton of new products and features including serverless compute, software defined networking, one-click app deployment in the virtual private cloud, easier management of hosted virtual desktops, enhanced security, and much more,” added Elemary.

About dinCloud

dinCloud is a Cloud Services Provider (CSP) that helps organizations simplify their use of technology via its cloud platform. Each customer’s hosted private cloud offers hosted workspaces and cloud infrastructure that the customer controls. dinCloud’s subscription-based services are tailored to fit a range of business models resulting in reduced cost, enhanced security, control, and productivity. Services are available through dinCloud’s network of Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Visit,, or follow @dinCloud on Twitter.

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