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Until lately, key business decision makers concerned themselves mainly with the Customer Experience (CX). In fact, this would be somewhat an understatement, as the Customer was considered and projected as the most critical component of the business.

While there is no denying, or undermining the Customer’s importance, another new dimension is rapidly taking shape. This latest trend, within the modern workplace, relates to employees and is rightly called the Digital Employee Experience (DEX).

This was further ratified by a recent study published by Forrester, a reputed name on the technology research side. A sizeable 537 top IT decision makers from across the globe were part of the study.

According to the study, the most critical component of the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) was providing a seamless “Work from Anywhere” environment. This is only possible if the workforce has secured, an easy and quick means of accessing all the data and tools.

The survey respondents cited three major dividends enterprises stand to reap, once they invest in the right DEX tools. These include remarkably improved Employee Productivity, Efficiency, and Engagement levels.

It is pertinent to mention that special emphasis was laid on the ability of DEX initiatives to deliver a seamless work experience, whether it’s the workplace, home, or a hybrid work setting. The majority of respondents also believed that rightly incorporating DEX tools not only boosted employee productivity but also improved their retention levels.

The aspect of higher employee retention, made possible by the right DEX tools, is otherwise important due to the constantly widening skillset gap across the various domains of IT Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) Management.

Forrester’s report highlighted that enterprises failing to invest and incorporate the right set of DEX tools, even risk losing their top human talent to competitors. DEX tools can play an instrumental role in helping remote and hybrid employees strike the perfect balance between their professional and personal lives, also dubbed the “work-life balance”.

Towards the end, the report underscored the importance of empowering the workforce with the latest DEX tools. This will not only enable them to streamline their workflows, but also assist employees in adding more value to the organization as a whole.

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