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LOS ANGELES, CA – March 11, 2014 – dinCloud, a cloud services provider that helps businesses rapidly migrate to the cloud through business provisioning, today announced that it has meticulously customized its cloud services to meet the demands of law firms. Chief among the services is dinCloud’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offering. This hosted virtual desktop, along-side a virtual private data center, gives law firms a turnkey service, adhering to their needs of redundancy and resiliency.

Cloud computing in the legal industry has evolved over the past few years from a front-line technology, deployed by smaller, progressive firms, to a broadly-adopted technology used by firms of all magnitudes. This shift has helped law firms and legal organizations realize mobility, efficiency, and savings that were once reserved for commercial enterprises. dinCloud’s product set, including dinHVDdinDaaSdinServer, and cloud storage solutions, help law firms meet the enduring challenges they face when accessing important data, methods, calendars, and more in a secure manner whilst providing redundancy.

dinCloud has partnered with a variety of experienced Valued Added Resellers (VARs) already established in the legal industry. One such company, Binary Pulse, noticed a growing trend within the legal vertical of implementing cloud solutions like dinCloud’s to help law firms find better and more efficient ways of conducting business.

“Attorneys are extremely information centric, and next generation firms are searching for more effective ways to interact with their clients and manage their information with the use of cloud technologies,” said Brant Roberts, owner and senior network engineer, Binary Pulse. “dinCloud has found a perfect niche with law firms, complementing Binary Pulse’s legal information, and case and billing solutions expertise, with enough flexibility, while maintaining a streamlined, efficient platform. Many other platforms require more complexity to get the desktops where they need to be, but dinCloud’s solutions allow law firms to be stable, yet versatile. Their technology is a key investment for organizations looking to increase productivity and office efficiency, and will make a huge impact to firms that choose to implement its solutions with legal VARs such as Binary Pulse.”

Law firms using dinCloud’s solutions will benefit from:

Redundancy: Attorneys have a fiduciary duty to protect and store data related to their work. Often, this entails multiple backups. With dinCloud, law firms have this added redundancy in their entire operation.

Cost Savings: Eliminating the need for costly software, servers, annual licensing fees, software upgrades, and the requirement of a 24/7 IT staff, cloud computing slashes overhead costs for legal firms considerably. Recent studies show customers saving upwards of 50-70% when compared to traditional desktop (on-premises) solutions.

Scalability: Ease of provisioning (or deprovisioning) makes it easy for firms to scale as needed, whether they are just establishing themselves, currently experiencing expansion, or needing to downsize. dinCloud can also regulate a firm’s off-site storage to accommodate increased processing demands.

Anywhere, Anytime Access: Telecommute seamlessly and access files any time, from anywhere as long as an Internet connection is available. dinCloud’s solutions offer lawyers an unmatched level of liberty to get their work done when and where they choose. Lawyers or firm employees can access their data from the office, the courthouse, home, a coffee shop in between depositions, or even on vacation if an urgent request arises.

Confidentiality and Security: Law firms have very unique compulsions of confidentiality. Both lawyers and clients need efficient, reliable methods of communicating and cooperating with trustworthy security technologies. To eliminate the stress and frustration of data loss, dinCloud makes use of back up procedures, saving files to at least two servers in different geographic regions several times a day in a practice known as “geo-redundancy”.

Subscription-based Services: Law firms are constantly eyeing an affordable technology that can help them become more efficient. dinCloud provides subscription-based services that can fit into any business model, eliminating the issues of non-compliance with existing models and the risk of getting into contracts without proper ROI.

Virtual Offices: Lawyers prefer to be available to their clients at any time. This also helps them cater to an ever-increasing customer base searching for lawyers over the web, and permit for turnkey client intake, partnership, and legal service conveyance.

“Since implementing dinCloud’s solutions, Immigration Attorneys has experienced remarkable flexibility. Even with the recent arctic blast, our people have been able to remain functional, even if they were unsure when they would be back in the office,” said Ira Azulay, partner at Immigration Attorneys, LLP, a Chicago-headquartered law firm specializing in immigration and nationality law.

“It’s important for today’s legal professionals to efficiently manage their day-to-day business and leverage the right technologies that allow personnel access anytime and from anywhere,” said David Graffia, vice president of sales, dinCloud. “Now, attorneys, paralegals, court clerks, and the like can spend more time focusing on client’s needs, while accessing their data from a multitude of devices, regardless of the operating system (Linux, Windows, Android, Apple, etc.), and have the confidence of knowing that their data is secured, encrypted, and backed up.”

About dinCloud:
dinCloud is a cloud transformation company that helps, both commercial and public sector organizations rapidly migrate to the cloud through Business Provisioning, provided via its strong channel base of VARs and MSPs. Each customer’s dedicated private virtual data center provides hosted virtual desktops, hosted virtual servers, and cloud storage services, which are controlled by the customer through dinCloud’s dinManage web-based management tool. dinCloud provides subscription-based services tailored to fit a range of business models resulting in reduced cost, enhanced security, control, and productivity. Visit, or follow @dinCloud on Twitter.

Disclaimer: Product or service names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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