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Google is now coming with Apple like Face Detection Technology feature in its Pixel 4. Furthermore, Google Pixelbook 2 is also getting the Face Unlock Feature.

google pixelbook2 face unlock feature

Earlier this week, the Tech Giant “Google” unveiled details about its upcoming premium budget smartphone Pixel 4 that it would feature a face-detection technology, present inside the bezels of the smartphone.

According to the recent Chromium Unboxed Reports, the upcoming Google Pixelbook 2 which will be launching in October, will be housed with the same Google Pixel’s 4 Face Detection Technology.

The additional advantage of the feature is that it can detect your face even when it’s upside down.

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The report was observed in the Chromium Unboxed Update for the Chromium which is an open-source project and responsible for the development of the Chrome OS, used in Chromebooks.

However, this doesn’t give a solid-proof that the feature will be embedded in the upcoming Google Pixelbook, but seeing it in the update, Google will surely start using it in the upcoming Chromebooks.

This new anticipated feature will be seen for the first time in both devices, as they are expected to launch this year in October.

The Face Detection Technology feature will be enabled through array of infra-red, dot projector, and other dedicated face sensors.


Seeing what Apple is offering, Google is now coming up with the same strategy for PixelBook 2 and Pixel 4 using Face Detection Technology.

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