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It was just a few years ago that your choices for a smart device were: phone, tablet, or laptop. There wasn’t much in between if you wanted to stay on top of your business and personal demands. But thanks to Chromebooks, and the Chrome OS ecosystem they have created, there are massive changes happening in the tech industry. In fact, in 2015, Chromebook sales went up by 47% while all other laptop sales plummeted. This has opened up the possibility to use more hosted cloud services, among other opportunities. Here is more on how Chromebook has transformed the tech industry:

Reduced Overhead – Chromebook Transformation – dinCloud

Reduced Overhead

It used to be that you needed to invest huge sums in order to set up a data infrastructure, complete with the owner or manager paying for unique devices for each employee, but Chromebook has contributed to the trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), in which team members are now increasingly bringing their own computers into the workplace, or even working remotely. That’s also because when businesses layer hosted workspaces on top of these cloud computing machines, they can achieve all of the benefits of working together in-person without the added costs.

How Chromebook Transformed the Tech Industry – dinCloud

Simplified Management

Chromebooks and the Chrome OS operating system make a powerful combo when you are trying to manage your operations from the cloud. First of all, there are less IT staff members that you need to hire and evaluate, as the cloud infrastructure is easier to handle overall. Secondly, you can manage your cloud security, migrations, load balancing, and more with all-in-one cloud orchestration platform, like dinManage.


Security - Chromebook Transformation – dinCloudWith all of your team members using cloud devices and cloud services thanks to newer Chromebook technology, there is still the risk of security flaws. The reason Google’s laptops have helped security to improve is that they put pressure on industries to adapt quickly. Luckily, dinCloud has always been one of the leading firms that prides itself on staying ahead of the security curve with solutions like virtual data servers. That means the end result is that your platform, proprietary data, and team communications are secure while in the cloud.

Backups Everywhere

Chromebook has ushered in the shift of focus from hardware-oriented computing to software. That means that companies don’t need to fret if one of their devices malfunctions. Your data won’t be lost or corrupted. Instead, redundant servers are set up to make clones of your data all throughout the cloud. This process happens almost instantly, ensuring that your company doesn’t ever depend on just one failure point.

Eco Conscious

It’s no secret that the planet is being affected by humans’ industrial and commercial actions. One of the biggest offenders is the heavy use of paper products. Obviously, large areas of forest must be cut down in order to provide paper for mills. This results in a reduced area for certain animal and plant species to live in, reducing their numbers to dangerous levels. This is not to mention the effect of the pollution from factories and transportation vehicles into the air. Progressive companies are embracing being eco-friendly whenever possible, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because their consumers are expecting it from them as well. Chromebooks help eliminate the need for paper products, as everything can be created and stored in the cloud. You can even sign contracts in the cloud.

Improved Collaboration

Work teams are becoming more remote by the day. It seems that every company has one or a few employees working from abroad or out of the office. And this trend is accelerated with cloud notebooks like Google offers. Whether you want to share confidential reports, chat instantly, or connect via video with clients or team members, Chromebook can run remote desktop software to ensure you can access your preferred work environment from almost anywhere.

Less Upkeep

Let’s face it, it’s annoying to keep up with updating your technology infrastructure when you have to go it alone. But web-only laptops are the key to a new world of easier maintenance, especially when your infrastructure is in the cloud. Not only is it less of a headache, but the cost is reduced as well.

Chromebook has truly transformed technology and all of the industries surrounding it. It has swept in a new age of collaboration, security, and agility. Now, more than ever, you and your company can communicate, make deals, and enjoy work in the cloud. If you want to learn more about how cloud services can benefit your bottom line, be sure to contact us for a quote here.