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Organizations and analysts since the last a decade or so have been focusing and talking about Digital Transformation and moving to the cloud and its associated benefits. There are numerous researches out there from the likes of Gartner, Forrester, datacenter dynamics and others that talk about key trends that will define the cloud in 2020 and it has been going on for so long as these come out almost every year. All these researches mostly talk about cloud share in the IT spend and the associated benefits ranging from reduced costs, increased productivity, agility, flexibility, future proofing and much more.

Benefits business can get with the power of cloud

While cloud comes with a lot of benefits and most of the IT spend is moving towards the cloud but the question still persists “if any of the organizations leveraging the cloud have reaped all of the cloud benefits that we talk about?” The answer is rather shocking. An Independent Research led by more than 200 IT professionals across the globe reveals that most organizations have failed to fully gain the key benefits of the cloud. This is really alarming as most if not all organizations have at least one or more applications or some portion of their enterprise utilizing the cloud and yet none seem to be realizing the benefits.

Cloud has a lot of business benefits but then there are a lot of barriers to its value realization. Read more to learn about how to address the various challenges organizations face in moving to the cloud, its deployments and how you can unlock the business value of the cloud.

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