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Managed Services: The Key to Digital Transformation

84% of businesses fail at their digital transformation efforts, according to Forbes research.  This astonishing number shouldn’t discourage you, however, from embarking on this important evolution, as the benefits of transforming digitally enable businesses to streamline processes, increase agility, reduce costs and can directly impact the customer experience and competitive advantage.

But many seem to believe that digital transformation can be “plug and play,” and this may be a big reason why so many businesses fail at transforming digitally.  A digital transformation involves more than just technology.  It is ongoing.  You can’t just buy new technology, throw it onto your network and existing processes and walk away.  It’s a mix of all of the pieces that comprise a business: People, machines, and processes.  It’s a change in HOW you do business not just the technology that underlies it.

Brian DeHoff believes another aspect to why efforts are falling flat is because the organization does not understand why they need to change in the first place.  Once you have this primary component in place, and staff has bought into the concept, then you can begin to strategize on just what your digital transformation will look like.

Ensure Digital Transformation Success with a Trusted Advisor

Businesses look to managed services for a few reasons.  As a business owner, you may be overwhelmed with the task of growing and running your business and do not have the time or ability to handle the IT solutions needed to enable your company to improve even more.  As a CIO, you and your staff may be overwhelmed with managing the network and the break/fix challenges you encounter with keeping employees systems functioning so they can remain productive.  Another reason could be just staying on top of the ever-changing cybersecurity risks.  Regardless of your reasons for turning to managed services, the ability of these providers to manage and streamline technology change is unparalleled.  By turning to managed services, you can help your digital transformation succeed.  Here’s how:

24×7 Support – No one expects the business owner or IT staff to work all day every week, especially for the smaller to medium enterprises.  You simply don’t have the resources to hire enough staff to accomplish this feat.  But Managed Service Providers like dinCloud have built a network of highly qualified support staff who can be there whenever you need help, regardless of the time of day or day of the week.

High availability – One way a digital transformation can fail is if the system continually goes down.  Whether your digital solution is on-premise or cloud-based this is a very real risk to any technology a business owns today.  But you can significantly reduce those risks by utilizing platforms that offer high availability.  High availability is defined as a “quality of a system or component that assures a high level of operational performance.”  One way high availability achieves this is by having built-in failover mechanisms that seamlessly keep the solution running in the event of a system failure or disaster event.

Backup and storage – To effectively enable a backup and storage strategy requires a significant amount of time and office space, not to mention costs.  But dinCloud and other managed service providers have already built this network of devices that you can tap into, significantly reducing your costs.  Even better, the managed service provider becomes responsible for the maintenance and updates to these systems and all you have to do is send the data to be stored.  dinCloud automatically backs up the data so in the unlikely event that your system fails, we have a copy available for you to restore from.

Monitoring and Alerts – Cybersecurity risks and system failures can be devastating to a business, but one way to keep these from damaging your system and take it down is to be proactive about monitoring.  When your system is proactively monitored by dinCloud, issues can often be resolved before you or your team even knows there was a problem, giving you the peace of mind that your system will remain running and your workers productive.

Desktop-as-a-Service and Managed Services Can Help Your Digital Transformation Succeed

Managed Services: The Key to Digital Transformation

True digital transformation can lead to much lower costs and higher customer (and employee) satisfaction, and for this reason, is a valuable strategy to undergo.  Business cloud services like Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) can help businesses move toward a more efficient digital strategy for their workspaces.  We’ve stated in previous blogs (Digital Transformation and the Future of Work) how the future of work is flexible, secure, and mobile and DaaS and hosted workspaces are the way to meet these demands.  By enabling your employees to work from anywhere and at any time, they have higher job satisfaction and are more likely to give your customers their best and maximize their productivity.  Start your journey to a digital transformation today with dinCloud DaaS and Managed Services.