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How DaaS Benefits Organizations – (Use Cases)

Growing a business in the rapidly changing technology environment of the 21st century can be challenging. But solutions like DaaS
can benefit any organization encountering these challenges:

Remote and Flexible Work

The workforce is undergoing an evolution leaving businesses at a crossroads between securing corporate data and enabling employees to be their most productive. No longer is it assumed that an employee is only productive at a physical desk within corporate headquarters. Studies have now shown that employees who are able to work from anywhere are actually more productive than those who are physically at the office. DaaS enables workers to access their applications through their available devices, regardless of their location, and because the data resides in a remote location, the risk of data loss or theft is significantly reduced.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Along with the push for more flexible work strategies, many employees are requesting to use their own devices, but this can cause challenges as some software does not “play nice” with others. BYOD further reduce your business expenses and DaaS can enable a consistent approach to desktop management.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Moving from two entities into one can have significant technological challenges. With the increase in disparate locations often found when one business merges to another, IT departments are typically left wondering how they are going to install and access systems from the new location. But DaaS solutions enable businesses to streamline their technology needs through the accommodations for rapid changes in staffing and business requirements.

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Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

The built-in redundancy provided by cloud solutions enables you to keep running in the event of a local disaster that could take down local resources. Users only need an internet-enabled device with a connection to access their workstation, enabling them to remain productive even if they are unable to get to the office.