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dinWorkspace (dinCloud’s Desktop-as-a-Service solution) is designed around private hosted clouds. Employees, contractors or IT staff login from any internet enabled device (laptop, desktop, tablet, cell phone) and can have access to the same workspace regardless of which device they are using to access the workspace. dinManage, dinCloud’s online console, leaves the control in your hands, enabling you to add, move and change your virtual desktops with ease.

To the end-user, the workspace looks and feels exactly the same as a standard desktop would. Once the user has logged in to their workspace, the hosted virtual desktop is specific to that user’s settings, documents, applications and desktop. IT Administrators have full control to add and remove CPUs for additional computing power, memory, and storage.

dinCloud’s Desktop-as-a-Service solution is offered as a subscription service and includes all the features and functionalities you need to utilize a DaaS solution.