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A Fully Virtualized Windows 10 Experience!

dinCloud’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offer a fully virtualized Windows 10 Desktop PC experience. This gives you access to some of the latest software and productivity tools that are compatible with this advanced generation of the Windows Operating System (OS).

As the world becomes increasingly more digital, so must the business world. Advances in technology, as well as cultural shifts in what the typical work day looks like has caused businesses to re-evaluate how information technology is delivered.

How dinCloud’s Remote Desktop as a Service

Help Your Business?

A critical element to any IT strategy is how businesses deliver fully functioning, secure, and accessible desktops and applications to their employees. As the workforce has become increasingly disparate from the corporate headquarters, this task has become even more challenging. The emergence of cloud computing technologies, however, has taken this once insurmountable task and revolutionized how information technology is delivered for businesses across the world.

Why choose dinCloud Desktop as a Service?

Desktop-as-a-Service, or DaaS, is a desktop delivery solution that enables businesses like yours to effectively and securely deliver cloud-based desktops and applications to your workforce, regardless of their physical location or the device being used to access their workstation. DaaS removes many of the security and logistical challenges typically seen with traditional desktop delivery solutions, or even on-premise VDI solutions.

Get Blazing Fast

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