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Business Case

“dinCloud literally changed my world,” said Monica Valenzuela, director of operations at Sierra Group, a California-based construction firm, focusing on commercial construction, facilities maintenance, electronic security surveillance, and business alarms.

Valenzuela manages operations for Sierra Group. Without a dedicated IT staff, the company was burdened with an aging on premise infrastructure that ran on an expiring Windows 2003 Server. This aging system was susceptible to down time, and caused operations to run at a snail’s pace. Valenzuela elaborated by saying, “It used to take me hours just to get a new employee up and running on a laptop.”


Sierra Group and Valenzuela decided it was time to evaluate a server refresh. When evaluating their options, a dinCloud solution provider recommended a cloud-based environment from dinCloud, one of its technology partners. Valenzuela had not previously considered a cloud migration, but discovered that by hosting Sierra Group’s infrastructure in a virtual private data center, the company stood to realize a number of benefits including:

  • Cost savings
  • Improved speed and overall performance
  • Heightened security
  • Quick and easy provisioning and configuration

Perhaps most importantly for Valenzuela, Sierra Group gained an always-on call support team to help manage their virtual infrastructure. “They’re amazing,” said Valenzuela. “Whenever I call with an issue, it’s handled with a sense of urgency. The support team works with me until it is resolved.”


The impact of a newly virtualized infrastructure was made apparent during the company’s on-boarding process. Valenzuela was able to have employees up and running in a matter of minutes, eliminating a process that once took hours.

Looking forward, Sierra Group plans to incorporate Chrome Box devices into its dinCloud infrastructure, an addition that will further reduce provisioning time, freeing up additional time and resources.

Today, Sierra Group runs several hosted virtual desktops, as well as a number of hosted virtual servers by dincloud, to maintain its operations. Valenzuela says she enjoys “the latest and greatest” technology updates from dinCloud, and credits its cloud services for dramatically improving Sierra Group’s business operations.

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