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Formed in the early 1930’s in historic Myrtle Beach, South Carolina along the southeastern coast of the United States, Brittain Resorts prides itself with providing exceptional customer experiences at their 16 resorts and hotels.

Like many IT departments, they have a small team supporting the business operations. Less than 10 full time employees are tasked with maintaining the environment for the 24/7, 365 days a year facilities, a portion of which are located miles from the main headquarters in South Carolina.

The Challenge:

As a part of its business strategy, Brittain Resorts employs a number of its call center staff in remote offices. When new call center staff came on board, IT needed to not only procure new devices, but also provision desktops with specialized software and ship them out prior to the employee starting training. Additionally, staff was needed to provide break-fix services and in the case of the remote workers, would sometimes result in the system being shipped back to corporate for repair or replacement and then back to the user. This resulted in stress inducing urgent fulfillment and also multiple shipping costs. The company’s call center, like many call centers, had a high turn-over rate which exacerbated the costs and stress on the business.

The Solution:

To improve their process and to support their remote workers better, Brittain Resorts transitioned to a hosted virtual desktop solution. After evaluating several top vendors, Brittain Resorts ultimately chose dinCloud’s DaaS solution due to the exceptional performance and support the platform provides.

The company switched to a BYOD model for devices (Bring-your-own-device) on top of Desktop-as-a-Service, thereby also passing support on to their vendor. The process also improved in terms of the time to get their new hires productive. Despite no longer having to provide end user support, Brittan Resorts’ IT department maintained full control over the IT infrastructure and applications accessed by the users. Using dinCloud’s online cloud management platform enables each resort to provision a new user within minutes. The decreased complexity happened to also reduce the stress on the team and they no longer had to worry about being on call at all hours of the night.

Benefits of moving to dinCloud:

Brittain Resorts saw the benefits right away. Their remote workers were getting productive faster.

  • Remote workers could choose the device of their choice and be more comfortable and productive.
  • Software could be easily updated so workers had the correct version and weren’t plagued by downtime.
  • Support of end users is now handled by dinCloud and IT can focus on infrastructure initiatives.

Of course, as part of this initiative to bring in desktop as a service, DaaS, Brittain Resorts no longer had the costs of procuring new devices nor did they have the expense of shipping the units multiple times. Additionally, the resort had the peace of mind that the business could continue to function in the event of a natural disaster. The data resides on the hosted environment, and not on the users device, so if the device was rendered unusable, the employee just needed to find another device. This also increased the security of the data as if the device was lost or stolen, malicious sources would not have access without the employee’s password.

Why dinCloud?

When asked why Brittain Resorts ultimately went with dinCloud, Larry Tate did not hesitate. “The support.” When challenges arose during the implementation process surrounding a specific application, dinCloud provided exceptional support and worked tirelessly to help Brittain Resorts find a solution to the problem. Larry stated that the move to dinCloud has been “extremely beneficial to both Brittain Resorts as a whole and specifically for the IT team.”