Solution Overview

DermaTran Health Solutions is a national group of compounding pharmacies. Central to its  operations  is  the  Compounder  application,  which DermaTran needed  to  deploy multiple  instances  of  simultaneously.  When issues with its former app virtualization solution – XenApp – persisted, DermaTran evaluated alternatives, ultimately migrating to a turn-key cloud-based application publishing service.

App Virtualization Challenges

Elaborating on the issues DermaTran faced while running XenApp, DermaTran’s network administrator,  Jesse  Davis, said: “We  had  database-driven  applications  that,  due  to registry constraints, would not allow multiple instances of the application to open using different  database  servers. Within the Citrix XenApp environment, there was an issue with the client drive mapping that wouldn’t allow connectivity from the XenApp layer through to the client mapped drives.”

Davis  elaborated  on  their issues, “The  first  hurdle  we  were  forced  to  overcome  was printing. We needed to print to a local area network (LAN) printer from XenApp opened on  a  XenDesktop instance without  a  VPN  connection  between  our  LAN  and  the  LAN within the cloud provider’s infrastructure.”

Davis  continued, “The next  challenge  was  client  folder  pass-through  from  the  local workstation  to  the  XenDesktop  and  then  to  the  XenApp. The  drives  passed  from  the local computer into the XenDesktop were functional; however, if you tried to access the same  path  from  the  XenApp,  you  would  get  an  unspecified  error from  the  Citrix platform. An  ongoing  challenge  throughout  the  other  issues  was  when  a  XenApp or XenDesktop failed to launch properly.”

Davis remarked that all attempts to resolve the issues by Citrix and its previous cloud provider failed, at which point they decided to seek alternates.

Solution Criteria and Results

Today, DermaTran is using dinCloud’s dinApp application publishing platform. dinApp allows  organizations  to  run  efficiently  without  being  held  back  by  applications  that cannot  run  on  modern  infrastructure,  or  applications  that  require  multiple instances. “dinCloud listened to our needs and provided a working solution through dinApp, a vital component to  the  success  of  our  architecture. Now we  can  deploy  those legacy applications seamlessly to the   same   client   without   any   of   the   issues previously experienced To  our  end  users,  the  applications  look  no  different  than  an  application native to their desktop,” said Davis.

“dinApp gives us the ability to operate efficiently and cooperatively across four geographically diverse locations, allowing all users in each location to access all applicable applications and communicate effectively about them. The seamless desktop integration  provides our employees  with  an  easy  to  understand  application  access method  that  mimics  that  of  a  standalone  workstation. Pricing  of  dinCloud’s services lowered our bill by almost  2/3rd while  providing  all  of  the  functionality  we  required,” pronounced Davis.

Future Outlook

In addition to the dinApp solution, DermaTran is currently using another dinCloud hosted workspace solution – dinHVD – enabling remote workers to connect to a secure desktop while working outside of the office. “The ability to manage  the  security  of  the workstation through Group Policy – such as sleep timers, RDP, timeouts due to inactivity, etc. – allows us to ensure that access is restricted properly,  therefore  meeting  our PCI and HIPAA requirements. Additionally, we utilize a BYOD environment. The hosted desktops provide a uniform work environment regardless of the device our users choose to work from, whether it’s Vista, Windows 7 or 8, or a Mac,” said Davis.

Davis says dinCloud continues to work well for them in its current configuration, but DermaTran will continue to scale its infrastructure in accordance with business growth.

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