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The business environment is fiercely competitive. A business, whether big or small, simply cannot afford a substantial downtime in today’s environment. Secondly, downtimes otherwise reflect negatively on the reputation of an organization or brand.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Benefits for the Enterprise

However, businesses are also under constant pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. In crunch times like these, where spending budgets are already being curtailed, making a case for a dedicated Disaster Recovery (DR) is next to impossible.

What is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

As the DRaaS name suggests, an enterprise outsources its Disaster Recovery (DR) function to a specialized Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud. You can also call DRaaS as a cloud based disaster recovery mechanism for an easier understanding of the concept.

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How DRaaS Works?

Before we dive into the working of DRaaS, lets first clarify another important concept. As an enterprise, you can avail the cloud powered disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) regardless of whether your core infrastructure is on premise or in the cloud.

This is perhaps one of the strongest selling points for DRaaS, as it does not necessitate you to maintain your core operations or data in the Cloud. Besides this point, most enterprises opt in favor of the cloud for their core infrastructure as well, due to a host of benefits.

In the case of DRaaS, your service provider like dinCloud will maintain “images” or “screenshots” of your data and core processes over certain pre-defined intervals. The frequency of these snapshots will vary depending on your unique needs.

How frequently you choose to maintain these cloud based backups will purely depend on the nature of the data involved and any budgetary constraints that you may have. So, what if something does go wrong and you need the DRaaS on short notice.

Well, this is where DRaaS truly shines as compared to the other alternatives out there. The DRaaS provider like dinCloud will immediately restore the latest snapshot available in its inventory for you to pick up almost right where you last left it before the disruption.

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Advantages of DRaaS

Lets highlight some of the major differentiating factors that make DRaaS the best choice among the alternatives.

  • With a DRaaS provider like dinCloud, you will not be needing to setup a dedicated physical site for Disaster Recovery (DR).
  • There is no need to procure and maintain any additional hardware for DRaaS, as the service provider’s infrastructure is used.
  • In cloud powered DRaaS, you face zero to minimal disruption to your mission critical workloads.
  • DRaaS is one of the strongest remedies against ransomware, as it is much more economically viable and reliable to restore critical data and processes via DRaaS, rather than end up paying the ransom and still not getting decrypted data.
  • In DRaaS, you also get to choose whether you want to maintain your core infrastructure on premise or shift that to the DRaaS provider as well.
  • The DRaaS model is ideal for new businesses and Small to Medium Enterprises (SME), which are generally under sever resource constraints.
  • Your DRaaS provider (DRaaS) bills you only for the resources that you have actually consumed.
  • With a robust DRaaS solution, you get multi layered security built into the service itself.
  • The storage infrastructures of leading DRaaS providers, like dinCloud, are highly compliant with the international standards for privacy and security of data as well.

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Due to the flexibility, scalability and Business Continuity (BC) that you enjoy via DRaaS, enterprises are rapidly moving to the Cloud for their Disaster Recovery (DR) needs. In the near future, this trend is expected to gain even more momentum.

Contact dinCloud for reliable, secure and transparently priced DRaaS solutions for your enterprise.