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Only 7 months remain until Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system becomes a part of technology history, meaning now is the time to develop a strategy for the post Windows 7 era of computing.  Windows 10, since its inception in 2015, has delivered on Microsoft’s promise for a more manageable update practice, moving to a twice a year update cycle for added functionality and monthly updates for security features and additions.

List of 4 Microsoft Windows 10 Core Benefits

Enhanced security

With monthly updates to the security infrastructure, your devices are protected from the ongoing threats cybercriminals pose.  Add a Windows 10 deployment with a Desktop-as-a-Service solution and you can be certain your data is safe from malicious sources.

Increased Productivity

Not just for employees anymore, but also for IT, as many tasks become automated, freeing IT to focus on more revenue generating tasks.

More stability

All devices will benefit from the latest enhancements, features and fixes as soon as they become available.

Lower total cost of ownership

Especially when combined with a cloud-based desktop-as-a-service provider who offers the Windows 10 platform, your total cost of ownership for your desktop solution is reduced thanks to the reduced amount of labor needed to manage the solution, reduced security risk and the evergreen nature of cloud solutions.

Digital Champions Help Digital Transformation Efforts Succeed


Thanks to the concept of “deployment rings” new features and functionality will have been tested for validity and user experience with a select group of “digital champions” before being made widely available.  This deployment method reduces the strain on IT as fewer support tickets are needed when major features or functionality is added.

Empower IT and Staff to Work at Full Capacity

dinCloud’s Workspaces 10 combines the best of Windows 10 with the user experience you have become accustomed to along with ease of management and support features that will keep both IT and employees functioning at their highest levels.  Contact dinCloud today to learn more on how Windows 10 and dinCloud can help your digital transformation efforts succeed.