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The Components of VDI

As we have previously discussed on our perspective of VDI. VDI or virtual desktop infrastructure is really just the data center elements that enable an organization to have virtual desktops. Usually this entails setting up new storage, networking, servers… in other words, a dedicated data center infrastructure for desktops. The difficult part about this endeavor is that it is multi-discipline.

In the past, a server project or a network upgrade could rely on the expertise of the server team. Now, all these skillsets have to come together to deliver a desktop. And usually the guys in the server room and those managing the desktop are not the same.

The Best VDI Solution

So when you consider that virtual desktop infrastructure is quite a challenge to put together – it makes sense to have a specialist focus on this. Someone who has done countless months of R&D, has experience managing multiple scenarios and use-cases… a hosted VDI solution makes sense.

Desktop virtualization simplified

The Best VDI comes from dinCloud

Enter dinCloud. Our dinStack coalition of best of breed solutions, in depth R&D, and experience sets us apart. It makes sense to evaluate a cloud service provider who offers not only a robust and reliable solution but one that has recognition throughout the market – whether it is Network World rating dinCloud as #1 or being the first hosted desktop solution chosen by the world’s largest IT distributor through a rigorous and arduous process.

Article by Ali D., Chief Marketing Officer, dinCloud

For more information on our Desktop as a Service, please visit our Hosted Virtual Desktop page or request information to speak with a cloud specialist.